Nov 9, 2008

Calf Cruelty - Vegan - Why I Don't Do Dairy

About the "veal" industry... could there be any more a vial business... keeping cows constantly impregnated... removing their young - to either be killed immediately, live short lives in little sunless stalls/igloos or perish forbid... to be born female and become a "replacement calf" for her mother. Please, let us fess up - to the industry these animals are machines... The saddest part is that it is unneccessary... man lives fine on a plant based diet - without all the issues surrounding the meat/animal agriculture industry. I would think soon that we will all be more than ready to ditch meat for the more sustainable, compassionate vegan alternative.


Site Closed said...

I've thought hard about going vegetarian - not vegan - one step at a time. Still completing research on diets to keep me healthy enough without meat and meat products.

You've given me an idea, for a week of my 365 I will try to be meat free and see how it goes. I'll need some planning time first though!

To cut my contribution to animal product cruelty down I'd have to buy my own goat and some chickens as I love eggs and milk too much! :o Alternatives?


Bea Elliott said...

Congrats on being open to making a start... Although to really experience any improvement in health would take a minimum of 3 weeks. But giving it a week "trial" is certainly great too. (thumbs up!)

I'd focus on variety - Try combining several different color food groups at each meal. Stress whole grain products and don't be shy in consuming plenty of nuts and seeds. They say if you are getting enough calories per day odds are you're also getting enough protein. As it is, we are consuming twice as much as what we need... and out if flushes, totally unused.

You do know though if you get a goat - you will have to keep her impregnated (and what will you do with the baby who also needs to feed from mom?)... I was a big milk lover once - I found areasonable substitute in Rice Dream.

There's plenty of egg replacers out there... But by all means - if you want to rescue some factory farmed hens and give them a good home - do so! Fourteen are running around my yard this very moment. Knowing the eggs are the result of their menses cycle detracts greatly in their appeal - but that's me...

Good luck... I'll follow your blog in anticipation of your vegan "experiment". You may be surprised how very easy it can be. You already know how great it would be for the animals -and that's a great start too. :)

Site Closed said...

Thanks for the advice. I totally spaced on the whole keeping the goat pregnant for milk thing! Haha! My family used to have chickens when I lived in Australia, I just like them they're nice animals. :) I am originally from Brissie northside but moved to England 3 years ago.

Thanks for following. I'm going to have to do plenty of research and plan my meals so it'll take a week or two for me to get organised. I will keep you posted (and probably be back to ask advice).


Bea Elliott said...

With all the information out there you should have no problem figuring it out. Absolutely let me know when you begin your journey. I'll cheer you on - that's for sure!