Nov 2, 2008


According to the cattlenetwork the viewpoint of their industry isn't being presented: "Nanci Alexander, President and Founder, Animal Rights Foundation of Florida allegedly the money woman behind PCRM, she heads up a group that claims credit for the passage of a Florida constitutional amendment that banned gestation crates. It was the precursor of California’s Prop 2. The group also helped end annual dove hunts sponsored by the Boy Scouts of Florida. ARFF TV, a mobile video theater, travels throughout the Florida firing salvos at the entertainment industry, ‘factory’ farms, and the fur industry. No attempt is made to balance their viewpoints which are shared as the absolute truth with adults and impressionable children". "No attempt is made to balance their viewpoints"... Who is targeting "impressionable children" with coloring books aimed at educating kids about furs and alligator hides? "Contractor shall develop educational materials, brochures and booklets, including a furbearer coloring book, an alligator industry coloring book, and educational materials based on Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) for grades 5-8." and this "educational" literature and the lesson plans encourage kids to accept hunting/trapping/farming beaver, bobcat, coyote, grey fox, red fox, mink, muskrat, nutria, opossum, otter and raccoon is appropriate. IT'S NOT! What about the dairy industry's attempt to stifle awareness about the truth behind their product? The EPA's "kid site" totally ignores the fact that 18% of methane gasses are due to animal agriculture: What about the USDA Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory "kid's corner" that has "fun facts and games" about cows and the "importance" of cheese? Without telling kids that the baby cows either get tied up in little stalls or are immediately sent to slaughter? Is that presenting all the facts? and all the viewpoints?
Between all their "4-H" kiddy agriculture events and the propaganda that is promoted ad nausea on the internet how can the meat/animal agriculture industry possibly say that their "views" are not heard - especially by the children they are trying to brain wash with their animal abuse and killing agenda?
So - animal agriculture/meat industry - quit your bawling and your lies - You are using public funds and tax payer dollars to the tune of billions to promote your business of killing animals - This vegan doesn't buy the hooey!

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