Nov 6, 2008


Good news - it appears that the meat and animal agriculture is anxious to have a debate on the many issues concerning their product. As you can see they strongly wish for their positions to be heard so that consumers can continue to trust the institution and know that their choices are sound and made in an informed manner. If you are also concerned and would like to encourage an open debate with the animal agriculture industry - I suggest voicing such desires on any of these sites. Perhaps if the general public, vegans and those who consume meat products request a debate enough times... The industry will designate representatives and establish what type of forum for their position to be heard and argued. If you also wish to "throw the down the glove" and encourage such open debates you can say so here: BTW - since there are so many "pork ambassadors" and "beef ambassadors" that represent the industry it would be no problem to set a national agenda addressing differing views.

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