Nov 17, 2008

Industry Desperate to Dupe Consumers - Meat Animal Propaganda

So now animal agriculture and the meat industry are doing a documentary to show "the culture of care and compassion" regarding the way animals are made into "food".
Television documentary challenges animal welfare perceptions: "Consumers want to know more about the people who produce their food. "
It is not that people are moving away from knowledge of how meat "food" is produced - it's that they know more now how animal "meat" is made. It's the internet - it's Youtube - it's newspapers. ***********It's stories about caged pigs and hurricanes. It's about crippled cows. It's about horse slaughter. It's about tortured chickens.
It's about law suits from residents who can't drink their water or leave their houses for the contaminated water and stink of the air.....It's the hormones, the pharmacuticals, the rodentcides and pesticides.....It the studies that link "meat" to cancers, diabetes and obesity******** Heck, it's the whole industry people are turning away from - not just the pathetic mistreatment of animals.******And it's not that people don't know "enough" - it's that they know *plenty*.
It's about knowing that it's not neccessary - there is a better way: Go Vegan

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