Mar 1, 2009

A Pig's Life Matters to that Pig - Meat is Murder - Go Vegan

I hear all the time... that "life's not fair" - and I suppose it's not. But, this does not excuse a moral person from trying to do everything they can to make it so... It is in our control and our power to make life "more" fair and "more" just by avoiding harm to innocent life. Just because one can (legally) slice pieces of a pigs ear off, put him in a cage, and eventually kill him - does not make it right. People who see the world as a series of "unfairness" - stop hiding your own cowardly failure to do what you can, using the excuse that you won't make a big enough difference... Or that it really doesn't matter... Or "it's only a pig", or "only" a cow, or "only" an animal. It is a life. And it is not yours to take no matter how you rationalize it. Unless you are starving on some remote island totally void of vegetation - eating any animal is not justifyable by any moral code. And if you think it is...PLEASE! I want to hear your "reasons" why you think it's "okay" to kill an animal who has done you no harm? How do you say that it is right? Super Piglet - The funniest bloopers are right here A being's life matters to that being... No matter how tasty their flesh is, no matter how "cheap" their flesh is, no matter how much "tradition" or "history" is wrapped around consuming their bodies... their life belongs to them. Ending their lives... deliberately snuffing their rightful place and time on this earth is stealing powers that you have no authority over. To do so is not only theft... it is murder. Are you a coward who has never asked yourself "by what right"? Kill no beings. Do no harm. Go Vegan


Site Closed said...

Awwwwww that little piglet is sooo cute! I want a little pet piglet, hahaha!

Sunday was my three month anniversary of becoming a vegetarian. I've created a little blog photo just for you Bea. Check it out (173/365). Cheers!


Bea Elliott said...

Yes... that piglet shows more loyalty than any of the pups I've known. And it looks like he house trained easier too! lol

Congrats on your three months - The photo is a winner - and so are you!

Across an ocean - Cheers back at you! {{{{{Klem}}}}}