Apr 17, 2009

Kids & the Humane Myth - There are No Happy Meat Meals

In this age of instant gratification... and touch screen technology, it's no wonder a fast-food parent opts for the quick and easy: Child: Mom... what's a vegetarian? Mom: Someone who doesn't eat meat. Child: Why don't they eat meat? Mom: Because they don't like how it tastes... Would you like some more bacon dear? It's obvious most parents don't want to slow their child's brain with thoughts that might sway them from the burger patch mentality. Especially if doing so might might cause them to confront their own (unpleasant) demons as well. Yet, I am society's child... and I'm burdened repairing the many shortcuts conveniently taken. Could you not have spared the time to divulge an awkward truth? Could you not have had the courage to battle this ancient wrong? Or are you to be pitied too... for you inherited the lies as well? Kids of all ages... time to grow up. There's no such thing as a "happy" meat meal... and we don't "need" to eat animals at all. Go Vegan

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