Apr 29, 2009

Kindness and Compassion Through Vegan Choices

I know what kind of person we were all taught to be... yet, it's so odd that when we attempt to live that way we are considered radical or "fringe". Being consistent and compassionate is the right thing to do... our parents had it right all along - they just forgot to follow their own wisdom - Go Vegan


Denbeath said...
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Denbeath said...

The message can not be any clearer. Vegan is the only moral and ethical way forward. We can't say that we care for animals while we eat them, wear their skins, hunt them for sport, use up their lives in medical research, etc. Thank you for this blog and a BIG 'thank you' for adding me as a friend

Bea Elliott said...

Yes Patty... let us stay the good fight. Sooner or later the message of reason (and compassion) is bound to win... :)