May 1, 2009

Bacon Flu - A Rose By Any Other Name... Would Still Stink

WHO changes flu virus strain name from swine flu And that's yesterdays news - But this morning, as I was watching television - I saw the same information scrolling across the screen. The scroll said: "Who changes flu virus strain name from swine flu... Queens school closed due to swine flu." Still... a rose by any other name - still stinks the same. But it makes you wonder if anyone is listening to the rules?

Manure lagoons are environmentally safe. Pigs on factory farms are healthy. Confining them is for their welfare. Slaughter is humane. And swine flu is H1N1 - Bacon Flu

Go Vegan


Unknown said...

Swine flue, ew! I think they are just trying to cover up the truth because the pork industry complained. I'm glad we don't eat that crap anyway! They need to look at the source and take care of it there!!!

Site Closed said...

Glad I don't eat pig anymore (although bacon was the meat I missed the most). I don't recall the meat industry kicking up a stink over the name of bird flu?

I'm not too worried about swine flu, although drank a couple of Coronas last night, that's mexican. Should I be worried? Hehehe!