Jul 20, 2009

Horse Abused & Killed at Cheyenne Rodeo -

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A horse died after falling during a saddle bronc riding event at the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo.
Correction please... this 4 year old mare, Strawberry Fudge did not "die"... She was injured to death! Killed for "entertainment". As a "hobby" or "sport" for "wild west" wannbees.
And rodeos are supposed to represent "traditional American values".... People who support rodeos claim to be good Christian, patriotic folk - And they also claim that they do not tolerate animal abuse... Well, maybe the ancient blood drenched amphitheatre patrons were told that too...
You decide. Ask yourself... Really - what's the difference between these activities and dog fighting? Or rooster fighting? There's none that I can see, except that with rodeos... the animals stand even less of a chance against the biggest bully of them all: The "American" crap-kicking Cowboy.
For more information on rodeo and other animal abuses please visit and support SHARK.


one and only hypnos said...

Those rodeos are disgusting. I'm glad we don't have that crap in my country!

Bea Elliott said...

Yes, I read your piece about how terrible you thought "welfare" and "abolition" initiatives were going here in the US. And I don't know what we're doing wrong either... Except that maybe our American greed and repressive laws (like the AETA)- make advocacy that much more difficult. (maybe?)

As an example, is the restriction of cameras into this Cheyenne event - This just keeps the public unware. I think European press is much more sympathetic to animal rights issues... Over here the media (and politician) are bought flat out.

No big "excuses" - just a few of the possibilities.

But I agree - It's disgusting that we allow rodeos to exit.