Sep 9, 2009


I posted this the other day - Just the photo, no text; no title. I had my reasons but an anon comment got me to think about what a "white flag" might be. I didn't mean for the white flag to symbolize "surrender" but rather "victory"... Or at least the way to it. If I were to look at the bus full of people - Each representing peers, friends and neighbors, each doing (in their own way), what they thought was ethical in their treatment to animals. I'd like to think that they are all "non-violent" abolitionists... And I'd hope they are all peaceful vegans... But neither is the case.

Some boarded the Animal Rights bus because it connects with the Earth Rights bus, and some boarded because they love dolphins... but they still eat cows. Some because they hate factory farms and still believe in "humane" meat. There's the woman who just took a seat... She's a vegetarian, and has never heard of a factory farm at all! There's also the few that got on the Animal Rights bus out of curiosity. Some are lost and they don't know the planned destination... And some board this bus with ill intent, or with baggage that takes up "extra" seats... What I'm illustrating is that I don't want to kick any passenger off this bus. If the meat eating dolphin lover is traveling "somewhere" in the direction I'm going, I want him along too... The curious one might get off at the "I Still Eat Fish" stop, another curious one might stay on board to exit at the "Happy Meat" stop. But if our message is true enough people will peacefully travel the entire distance. If we don't alienate anyone, if we each stay focused on our own positive advocacy - we can make a change.

If we stay reasonable and consistent in our position of striving for a better and more just world, we can persuade the many to make it such. This is where education comes in... And we can never stop spreading the word about Animal Rights being the inevitable evolution of our own human progress. And yes, scheduled or not, there are "detours" along the journey - We may have wanted to stay on one road, but had to take another, still going in the same direction - just a different way... Sometimes a shortcut will cost more time than it's worth... Sometimes not - No one can really know how this journey to animal liberation and rights maps its self out. And like any long voyage - it won't happen over night... And it certainly will be met with incremental change. Reaching the destination of Animal Rights through welfare laws, and civil disobedience, through politics and social awareness, through science, the arts and literature and through talking to a neighbor about what's wrong with the circus. It will be on all levels. Each to the other may seem insignificant at the time... Or it may even be judged as "wrong" advocacy. The methods and issues of others may not be paramount ones - to everyone. But, like I said in an earlier post... it's not like the bus is overflowing yet to be so picky about each and every strategy.

I'm not going to "fight" or alienate fellow passengers. Further still, no matter how much we say we only want to cause "legal" financial damage - "illegal" financial harm will also take place. If not... it will be the first time in history that a social struggle did not have some amount of unlawful collateral damage. I'm certainly not involved in that kind of activity. However, nothing I say or do is going to influence what others see as their best tactical strategy. None of us can "police" what another does. I'm certainly not about to tell someone - NO! Don't do this activity because it "may" not work. I don't believe there is one single strategy which will work, exclusive of others. Spreading the message through potlucks or protests all have their place within this movement. Unfortunately I've seen arguing from all sides...

No, I'm not speaking of productive and informative debate and authentic questions and valid comments. I'm referring to slurs, defamatory criticisms, ugly name calling, abusive language, accusations and other useless bickering. If I've ever associated myself with pointless "tear the other" down nonsense I sincerely regret doing such. You see... I am not the driver of this Animal Rights bus - I am merely a passenger too. I don't know the "exact" way the destination will be reached... long after my bones have gone to dust. But, what I do know - is that energy spent warring amongst ourselves is less that goes to fighting "them". I know who my "them" is... Do you?


Albert A Rasch said...

Miss Bea,

Great point, but ultimately impossible.

The problem is that while the ultimate destination is "Z," the majority got off somewhere between A and Y.

Those that got off anywhere before Z, and for the sake of argument let's say that somehow Z transpired universally, all those folks that got off the bus are now coerced to go to Z. Whether they want to or not.

I'm against, Chinese fur farms. Why because they are brutal and callus in their disregard for the animal. I'm not against fur wearing though. There is a right way and a wrong way to trap an animal as far as I am concerned.

I eat quite a few vegetables myself. But I also eat as much wild game as I am fortunate to acquire. But I will not under any circumstances eat veal. You can eat it if you want, but I won't.

The issue is again, one of coercion. As a hunter, I have never coerced anyone to go with me. But I see animal rights activists trying to coerce me into following their agenda. And get this, they do it while I am busy defending their right to speak, risking my own life in their defense.

Go figure.

And then they wonder why I feel I have the moral high ground.

Best regards,
Albert A Rasch
PeTA: Cruel to Children
My Response to the PeTA

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Albert Rasch, Well a hunter who won't eat veal... that's a start. Apparently you see "some" value to "some" animals, and don't approve of how they are treated. I wonder though, how different are the critters you trap? And why don't they deserve your empathy?

Is it because you don't think calves trapped in igloos are treated with respect, but animals caught in your well placed steel traps are?

Or do you distinquish between the two based on intelligence? The fox, coon or coyote not being as "smart" as the calf?

No... not that either. Is it "cuteness" then? Probably not.

Okay - I'm stumped. Why do you credit calves with some value but not the animals you trap?

And I don't think educating people - or encouraging them to question their values is wrong. Everytime I watch a commercial someone is trying to convince me of an "ideal". Hundreds of representatives on Capitol Hill do it every day with each other. How would you go about reforming and improving culture? If not with ideas and words than we will resort to fists and weapons...

Or do you think society is just perfect the way it is and prefer to remain in status quo?

BTW - Everybody is on the Animal Rights bus... just in differing degrees of awareness. :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am not a delusional biased ignorant cat lover

Bea Elliott said...

"i am not a delusional biased ignorant cat lover" - HUH?

"Where"? Well there still are (too) many people who still hold a
Cartesian view of animals - That animals are machine-like and don't have interests, or the ability to suffer. There are also (too) many people who view animals as commodities to whom they can do ANYTHING as long as it turns a profit... There are those politicians who steal taxpayer money to fund things that are objectionable. If people can find someone to protest against a war... You can also find someone to protest against animal carnage. Hint: Google Animal Agriculture! :)

Anonymous said...

the truthful ones are bases on common sense and practicality; passion, yes...the cat eyes blog always cracks me up; as in "hot air" oh! right..i meant the hot air balloon post...but "hot air"it always has and will...first the vents and claims of closing shop, etc. cuz poor me jody is so over worked, and taken advantage of, etc. another way to get online sympathy of course, nothing has ever changed with that, LOL, but we alll knew that the minute mz poor me, claimed, the site was closing down, etc, we all laffed, knew it wasnt gonna happen, hot air, of course, cuz if she really wanted to do the common sense thing, and be honest and take care of herself and her own affairs, before she could begin to take care of others or cats, practicality would be the necessary priority..that is: IF she were honest!!

anyhoo, honestly speaking, if i were to go online and holler and scream, and groan and moan and bitch about this and that, as usual, and then, claim, oh poor me, i am so overworked,no one else cares, or works, no one cares about cats but me, and i am closing shop, cuz all these people are selfish and i am always beiing taken advantage of ya da yada yada,, more manipulative hot air, antics, ploys, i would be downright embarrased and ashamed to put stuff like that on the internet , this poor me thing, going right in one ear and out the other...but then, some people always manage to get away with bullshit like that...proud to be a hot air bully yanno, LOL, for some strange reason, human nature i guess, people like to gravitate toward bullies., people confuse strength with bully sad...dont ever point it out to them tho!!! no freedom of speech to anyone except the organization of hot air catlovers..LOL, if people really meant what they said, and said what they meant, or TRULY exhausted and deserving, they would change their fone number, or take it off the hook for a week, instead of getting online and whining and complaining, and manipulating the world, to believe the "poor me" thing for the millionth speech for everyone, including the victims here, hail cat crap!!!!

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous - I have no idea who you're ranting at or why? But apparently you have something you needed to get off your chest. Hope venting here has enabled you to collect yourself - and move on.

Albert A Rasch said...

Miss Bea,

I'm not even sure what that was all about, and it figures it's on the same post I comment on.

I'm a bit busy with all sorts of stuff and I'm working on my 9/11 post, so please forgive me I'll be back within a couple of days to respond properly to your response.

Best Regards,
The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

Anonymous said...

miss know it bea...move on to you

(even Bea likes to celebrate the crmes of jody harmon

cat eyes; catwomanflix)

Bea Elliott said...

Again Anonymous... I have no idea what/who you are referring to. If you have a legitimate gripe please let your voice be heard. But as it is, your disjointed vague comment are testing my attempts at tolerance.

Either speak your mind with what you mean to say or your comments will be trashed accordingly.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

who are the real animals? people can be animals...of course, but for me, just as many people abused and neglected in the world as animals, i like to "activate" for BOTH!!!!

some people obviously confuse the "truth" with "trash"

whine on!!!

Bea Elliott said...

And so do I wish to advocate for all living beings. A vegan diet does address dozens of human issues as well. Things regarding health, sustainability, environmental impact, world starvation, worker exploitation - and the list goes on.

And dear sir or madam, please refrain from posting another unproductive, hostile comment. You are really testing my hospitality.

Anonymous said...

how ignorant you are, guess my words of truth hit a nerve there, my dear (o:, but YOU are the one who has your door fully opened to ALL comments, and for your information!! my comments were NOT unproductive, or hostile, so please please, nicely, now, dear writer, ppeople who are used to getting their own way, surely cant handle any writing that falls against the usual "routine" of the comfort zone, free speech...heh..yeah...wonder how many times Martin Luther King was ACCUSED of being "unproductive" and "hostile" ; now..hopefully the lightbulb has popped on in your mind, as of now,or , are you one of those type of people that history talks about, who is not used to, and cant handle opposing, or different opinions? well, that , if true, is a form of ignorance, hostility and unproductivity...i suggest, that you not accuse or label people until you have met or know them personally...there IS a world outside YOUR OWN yanno....

trying your patience? are you god? well, dear, if we are walking on eggshells that much, and a much needed rocking of the little boat, inconveiniences you, why dont you just delete my "unacceptable" posts, and go right on with life, as you know it, that is...

Bea Elliott said...

Actually - I have no idea who you are... Or what your gripe is.

I'd be happy to engage in any kind of reasonable discussion, but you are ranting. I have no way to even address your concerns as you haven't clearly stated any...

Your obviously upset about "something" - please won't you give me a clue? What dear sir or madam - Is your problem?

Anonymous said...

there you go...(o:

when we reach out to each other with concern and caring, etc.

amazing how things get clarified..

yes i am upset, and your last paragraph actually helped me, helped me clarify what "the problem" is...

it's the fact that the "people" who hurt me in every way get away with saying its "my problem" when its really their problem.

i just want to be heard, with justice, and i love animals and also love to help them.

i love to eat fish and chicken, and i guess that makes me a bad person.

Bea Elliott said...

I don't know Anonymous - Are you a bad person? You say you love to eat chickens and fishes... Yet you also say you love animals. Perhaps saying you love "certain" animals might be more appropriate?

I too once ate animals, with never a thought of another way. I suppose I believed that I would die without consuming their flesh. Goodness, where would I possibly get my protein?

Well, turns out the protein is available in hundreds of different places... So the question to myself was "why" eat the chickens and fishes... cows and pigs? What was the "reason" - that could be so urgent to deny another's life?

I simply found none that were valid enough.

Perhaps if you also examined your reasons you might come up short of anything that justifies taking a life as well?

It does take a courageous person to go there, so good luck on your inner search.

Anonymous said...

whatever lady..

so much for "humbling" myself to you; at your request..


you ARE a little nuts!!!


oh!! and go read the bible a little more..

"loaves and fishes" are good too...

Danny S. said...

Dear Bea,

I stumbled on your blog site quite
by accident but reading the stream of postings has been interesting and educational.
While I disagree with your views about "eating animals" I do respect them.
My wife and I have a small "farm" in the Ozark mountains where we have many domestic animals; horses,dogs, cats, chickens, goats,
and there is no telling what may turn up next here! My wife and 16 year old daughter take in animals that need rehabilitation, even wild animals they have found injured on the roadside. They are active in assisting animal control in our county, having saved many horses from starvation and abuse.
While we do not eat any of our animals, all of us are meat eaters
and (gasp!) hunters. We believe ourselves to be good common sense stewards of the land and its resources but also believe in using the resources in the way GOD intended in HIS Holy word.I have no doubt you are aware of what is written there.
While we do not try to impose our beliefs or lifestyle on those that feel differently, there are organizations that strive to stop us from living the lawful and GOD given right to continue ours.
That will NEVER happen.

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous - You say I am "miss GOD COMPLEX" - However, you are the one who decides life or death for innocent victims. You are the one who determines their survival or extinguishment... That makes me believe it is YOU who has a "God Complex"... After all you are the "master" of it all right?

"you ARE a little nuts!!!" Oh, let me guess - you are perfectly "sane" because you side with a world that views animal slaughter and consumption as "normal". I've never been an advocate of group-ism... If it makes me a little "nuts" to march to my own drum... so be it.

"oh!! and go read the bible a little more.." Well, which bible? Which version? Which "word" of which diety?
"loaves and fishes are good too... " I assume you are then refering to Chirst - and the King James version of one of many "Christian" bibles?

Actually, the only reference to eating any sort of animal was this one and only instance. It is said that after his resurrection he was seen at the Sea of Galilee and ate only a small morsel (of a fish) - to prove that he had arisen as man. In fact, Jesus was said to have called Simon, Andrew, James and John AWAY from the fishing to become "fishers of men". Furthermore, there is absolutely no reference to Christ eating lamb at the last supper or any other point in the bible... The Essenes or The Nazarenes, are also followers of Christ and believe he walked with the desert fathers and ate what they ate which was a diet of flat cakes, seeds, figs, nuts and berries...

Feeding 5,000 people with loaves and fishes - This story comes from Matthew 14:14, Mark 6:34, Luke 9:11-17 and John 6:3-13. Since the masses lived on a grain based diet - anything other than bread (or flat cakes) was considered a delicacy... Many times this "delicacy" was even a small bit of vegetables. They called it "opsarion". According to John - this is what was miraculously transformed along with the loaves. Matthew, Mark and Luke use the word "fish"... It is said that Jesus fed four thousand people on seven rolls and "a few small fishes" with seven baskets of leftovers. Many accountings of the narratives between Christ and his disiples, (and the event) translate that only bread and never fish was multiplied. And that fish were added (as the story was re-told) because it is more complex to recreate "fishes" than bread, and therefore made a more impressive to story to tell... But in any case - which ever version one wishes to believe the miraculous multipication of fishes who were ALREADY DEAD involved no harm to any living being. It caused no suffering and no death.

Finally, these are all just minor footnotes of entirely vast ancient teachings --- If one subscribes to them at all, it seems bizarre to attach such significance to such questionable writings. Especially since clearly, in all other words depiciting the Christ child and man, he was above all a compassionate, kind and loving being; Who neither encouraged nor supported killing. Remember the fiasco at the temple where he was enraged to find animals being sold for slaughter?

BTW I am a non-theist so it is with great difficulty that I attempt to "defend" scripture that is at best the recounting of a collection of "tales" and "stories" - merely told by humans. But I hope you can appreciate I did my best to delve into some mystical beliefs.

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Danny S. - It's wonderful that you give refuge to the many animals who are in need of help and rehabilitiation.

"While we do not eat any of our animals, all of us are meat eaters and (gasp!) hunters." I think here is part of where our divide comes in... I do not see any animals as "my" or "yours" or "our" animals - But their lives all belong to them who live it. After all, I don't breath their breath, feel their joy or pain - and neither does anyone besides each being who is the subject of that life. If you see them as "your" animals you do so because of Man's law... not "God's".

And speaking of "God" and the way "he" intended "HIS" Holy word to be interpreted... Please refer to my previous post - wherein I ask --- Whose "God" and whose "bible"? All are translated and documented by humans in long ago "history"... So it really is difficult to say exactly what is true or not. In this way, we each are our own "god" and pick and choose what rings true for us personally. And imagine this too... There might even be a few people around that actually think that "god" might be a "she"! (gasp!)

"While we do not try to impose our beliefs or lifestyle on those that feel differently" - Well, this is quite debatable... You see what people do or don't do influence a culture tremendously. For example, in the case of slavery... Once it was "lawful", and even defended by many in "their" bible -and this belief did affect and offend countless others who did not believe such was the case... Consequently we had the Amancipation Proclaimation, and all the travails that lead to it...

Finally, "there are organizations that strive to stop us from living the lawful and GOD given right to continue ours." Yes indeed, because we are a species that constantly wishes to align our values to what ethics become more known. I imagine these "organizations" will never cease striving to bring fairness and justice to those who are weaker among us - According the the teachings of their "God" that is, or at least their belief system, that deems it such.
"That will NEVER happen." - Women and the vote. Humans on the moon. Test tube babies. Vat "meat"... We shall see about "never". :)