Nov 12, 2009

Food Fight - Check Beef OFF! - Go Vegan

Thanks BeefCheck folks for the wonderful graphics! Couldn't have said it better myself!
Or maybe I can?
Here's the facts I'll fling: Barbed wired. Sentient, docile cows standing in their own waste on feedlots. Dehorning. Branding. Castration... without anesthesia. Downers. And forklifts. Manure. Cattle prods. Nitrates. Cows forced to eat an unnatural diet of corn, poultry litter and slaughterhouse waste. Recalls. Destruction of the world's rainforests. Water waste and contamination. "Calving season" and "culls". Methane. Antibiotics. Grazing land issues. Crowded transport trucks. Artificial insemination. Conflict with wildlife. Hormones. Rodeos. Irradiation. The hide pulling machine. The bleedrail. MadCow. E-Coli O157:H7. World hunger. Animals as "commodities". Poisonous "leather" processing chemicals. The captive bolt gun. Saturated fat. Evisceration. Fear. Death.
video platform video management video solutions free video player More reasons to get cows, all animals and the unholy stench of murder off your plate and Go Vegan:


Site Closed said...

Hiya!!!!! It's been almost a year since I've eaten a cow now... :)


Bea Elliott said...

And it doesn't look like it's hurt your health or humor one bit! :)