Dec 8, 2009

Pushing Pork and Dragging Pigs to Slaughter

Does anyone not get it yet? Pigs spending their entire lives in their own waste, in tiny cages too small to even turn around in: It is natural to eat pigs. Manure lagoons, flies and pandemic swine flu: It is safe to eat pigs. Millions gone into bailout "pork" money: Pigs are economical to eat. 43% of pigs can't even walk to their own slaughter: Eating pigs is "humane". Can anyone possibly continue to ignore the pebble, stone, rock, boulder that keeps hitting us in the head? Everything about animal agri-business is set up to lie and deceive the public! No matter how they try to excuse it - There is nothing "natural" or healthy about eating a fat laden, drugged, tortured and murdered hunk of pig flesh!

No "ham" sandwich is worth this amount of suffering!

Come on folks - You know it's the right thing to do: Go Vegan!

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