Mar 29, 2010

A Vegan's Meatless Monday Tale...

She Assumed I Wasn't Vegan
And That's Alright With Me
I've had a change of mind about Meatless Monday... There I was in Walmart, waiting in the checkout line... When a woman commented on my buggy items: Almond Breeze, black beans, a bag of rice, etc.... She asked if I was trying that Meatless Monday "diet"? And she added that her family has been "on it" since last year... Apparently she found it so easy and economical that they now eat "meatless" 3 - 4 days a week... Working towards a "vegan" end.  I nodded nicely as she shared a favorite recipe... I think she was thrilled in educating me that "it" could be done!

No, I didn't have it in me to tell her I do "Meatless Monday" seven days a week... I thanked her for the  recommendation and encouragement. She was happy enough to guide an "innocent" bystander. She was empowered - And I wasn't about to take any of that away!   

Don’t just throw up your hands and say, “I can’t find vegan bread, so I may as well eat steak.” Don’t whine, “It’s too hard.” Just make the effort.~Elaine Vigneault

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