Apr 19, 2010

We Bully Kids - And Cows, Pigs & Chickens Too - Stop Violence - Go Vegan

We hear a lot of stories about bullies... Those "tough" ruffians who use force and might to subdue somebody else weaker than they are. There's bullies in schools, bullies at work and bullies involved in domestic violence... But here's a story that you may not have heard:
Once when I was walking down a country road... I heard some loud yelling coming from the house just within my sight. I hurried closer to see what the ruckus was - and there was this guy pushing and pulling at a kid a fraction of his size! As I looked closer I could see that there was a rope tied around the little fellow's neck --- I suppose he was 4 or 5 years old... And just a little thing too, because the guy outweighed him by at least a hundred pounds! Well, the kid tried desperately to dig his feet into the ground to avoid getting any closer to the guy. But the guy just kept tugging, and was cussing and screaming at the kid too... Telling the youngster he was stubborn and stupid; He finally dragged the kid to a tree. The kid cried and cried to please stop!... "You're hurting me!"... But the guy paid no mind and tied him tightly to that tree.

Oh what a site it was to see that poor little body shaking in terror! He kept crying out... Maybe he thought his mother or brother could help him break free from this mad man? But no such luck. The man walked a few steps away and as he turned around I saw a knife in his hands! He made no haste as he put the blade on the kid's neck and made a deep gash which spurted blood all over the place... I could see the kid's body collapse as the last of his life drained away. Then the man stepped back, wiping his brow like it was really hard work killing that kid. Now all he had left to do was butcher and eat him...

My point of this story is that there really is no difference in overpowering someone smaller, weaker or "less" than you, whether it's a child or a "kid"... That violence is violence. Whether the victim has two legs or four, it's all the same. And we bully, especially when we take someone's life. 

Happily we don't need to harm anybody! We can thrive on a plant based diet and eliminate causing these terrible acts. We don't have to be bullies! And we don't have to pay other people to do our bullying for us!
If you are reading this,the odds are you are within a few miles from any superstore that carries an abundant array of better choices than those that require the bullying of cows, pigs, chickens or kids. No one likes a bully. Please, Go Vegan

Oh... and by the way - In the time it took you to read this, 1600 goats were bullied and slaughtered without reason...


John Byrnes said...

“Bullying” is a topic that is on the hearts and minds of individuals in position of responsibility whether in the workplace or our schools. With the most recent incident where a young 15 year old girl hangs herself due to what is described as “relentless bullying” and by prosecutors as statutory rape has gone well beyond the parameters of “bullying.”

It is only when we realize that this bullying behavior is “intent-driven aggressive behavior;” that there is a Continuum of Aggression, of which Bullying is an element, that we can actually prevent bullying. Through this continuum we can learn the “precursors” to bullying, and through this understand and application we can actually prevent and stop this culture of bullying. Until we learn the Continuum of Aggression we are relegated to reacting to bullying, not preventing it.

I am writing the definitive book on “preventing bullying,” and I need your help. I will illustrate how “bullying” is an element on the Continuum of Aggression and through this continuum we can foresee the precursors of bullying and therefore can prevent bullying and stop bullying behavior. However, I need as many examples of bullying as possible. I would like to read about any accounts of bullying you have experienced or observed, whether in the workplace or in education. I would particularly like to understand how you responded to this bullying and how and why it worked or didn’t work? Please go the my blog and share your account. In return, I would share excepts of the unique approach for your review and comment. My blog is located at http://blog.AggressionManagement.com

Bea Elliott said...

Hello I've viewed your site and have watched your very informative videos. I understand the essence of your message: that you seek preventative measures to cease violence.

On the "Continuum of Aggression" my belief is that it stems from a culture which at it's root encourages harm to those who are weak and defenseless. This is what bullies prey on... And who can possibly be more at risk to bullys than animals? Especially the ones we eat?

Dr. Will Tuttle wrote a wonderful book describing how our culture "swallows" this socially accepted violence 3 times a day in our meal choices. We are indoctrinated at a very young age to assume we have the "right" to use others for our (unnecessary) ends - For our frivolous pleasure.

After all, we don't "need" to kill and eat animals - But we do so because we are taught that they (the animals) don't really matter. That their interests are not worthy of our concern. This sets up a child, and a culture, to a "bully" - "user" mindset.

I think once we tackle this age old conflict of viewing animals as "things" we will easily conquer attitudes which foster desensitivity and "aggression".

I'd highly recommend listening to Tuttle's summation of the theory behind his book "The World Peace Diet":

Thanks for your efforts to create a more peaceful and sustainable world. :)

TJ said...

I love your outspokenness - Would you allow me to interview you for my animal rights show WILD TIME?

That would be great.



Warwak said...

"I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy. I expostulated, but he replied: 'The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that's fair.' In these words he epitomized the history of the human race" Bertrand Russell "Education and the Social Order" (1932)

Bea Elliott said...

Hello TJ - Yes, I'm familiar with your show and have listened many times. Good stuff! Sure, I'd be happy to share my "outspokenness". You can reach me through my contact profile to make arrangements. Looking forward to it - Sounds great! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Dave! I absolutely love that quote! So sad we have a system that (literally) feeds on the vulnerable. Thanks for sharing this - I'll pass it along too!