Jun 16, 2010

Ask Tell Ellen Degeneres Explains Animals Why Vegan Is The Right Choice

Animal Rights: "The right to be left alone".
Ellen also believes that "our thoughts (and actions) are important"...  So do I! 

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The Food Revolution
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an animal life said...

Animal Rights: "The right to be left alone".

Really, so how com it is ok to spay and neuter animals and to give them contraceptives?

Bea Elliott said...

It's okay because they are in a situation created by man. We "domesticated" them and put them in a position of being reliant on our favors and "care".

Here is the difference - Animal users control reproduction of nonhumans for profit by "breeding" more "product units". It keeps animals forever enslaved into the cycle of dependency and use.

Those who advocate for animal rights control reproduction of nonhumans to eliminate future populations so that they can avoid the cycle of exploitation. Animal rights advocates do not wish to make more "commodities" unlike animal breeders do.

The difference is in the motivation of controlling nonhuman reproduction:
One wishes to perpetuate a system for profit. The other wishes to abolish it to grant "free"dom...

dynastygal said...

*facepalm* @ stupid meat eater response.

Bea Elliott said...

dynastygal... Since I'm trying to be a gracious host I refrain from such point-blank statements... But gosh, Oh GEE-WIZ --- I sure do agree with YOU! ;)

AnonymousVegan said...

Lol..tah. I added a link to this blog on my blog in the Vegan links section.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi dynastygal! Thanks for the add! Will return the favor when I update my links.

Stay the good fight my friend! :)