Jun 27, 2010

Slavery, Speciesism, Bigotry, Hate - It's All Connected - Nonhuman Justice - The Final Enlightenment

Slavery, Speciesism, Bigotry, Hate - It's All Connected  
Nonhuman Justice - The Final Enlightenment
I'm happy to pass on the discovery of a new web site that explores the similarity of oppressions.  This site, Nonhuman Slavery, features an informative and challenging collection of essays, quotes and video presentations addressing the connections between speciesism, racism and sexism. It appears the editor is taking a broad approach and representing views from various philosophers, academics, historic figures and modern-day activists.

And on that note of embracing objective knowledge, I'd also like to post a pertinent video regarding the need for liberation from all "isms". "Thinking is Required" is a peta production. While I disagree with many things associated with peta, I certainly agree with the opinions in this video regarding oppressions: It's all connected.

On a final note I wish Nonhuman Slavery much success in getting the message of truth out to a wide audience of engaged people. If the comments recently left on one of my blog entries is any indication - We can see without doubt that those who discriminate against nonhumans have no problem casting the same prejudices- "even" against those of their own species. The hateful language, the racist attacks and obvious bigotry are a prime example of how urgently we need to fix the irrational and often violent views of those who think "others" are undeserving of respect.  Thank you Nonhuman Slavery - This voice of reason amidst the bowels of ignorance is long overdue!


NinaV said...

That was a great video. It's too bad that it's from PETA. And I don't mean that in a judgemental way. I do a lot of activism and as soon as PETA is mentioned so many people are turned off. But this video was very well done.

Aaron said...

Does the farming of plants count as non-human slavery? If not, then that is speciseism as well.

Bea Elliott said...

NinaV - I know what you mean about peta... That's why I put in the disclaimer. :/ It really is ashame that the organization's advocacy is so inconsistently presented. The idea that they use sexist messaging to convey anti-speciesism does nothing for enlightening people.
Thanks for dropping by -
And for all you do! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Aaron - We've gone through this before and before and before that:
Animals. Vegetables. Minerals.

Aaron said...

Apparently not; discriminating against plants because they are not animals is speciesism, by definition. You think plants are closer to minerals? You must have seriously failed biology in high school.

Bea Elliott said...

Dear, dear Aaron you must have a carrot or corn-cob fetish or something! My, my the way you come to the defense of these horticultural marvels is always so gallant. Next time I eat a pear I will bite down real hard! And do it in your honor!

Aaron said...

Er, and you have a cow fetish? That's nothing to be proud of.

Bea Elliott said...

I have respect for sentient life. I am very proud of this awareness. It required critical thinking and courage to break from indoctrinations. Yes... I do have a fetish for life - and I do so without any shame for it. ;)

Aaron said...

I have respect for the feelings of others and don't try to force my will on them. I also have respect for my own feelings, and know that eating meat feels right, and since other people feel that way, it is not just a coincidence. I agree, we should get rid of the indoctrination that killing is always wrong, since killing for food is obviously justified. However, once again, you must remember, plants are living things too!:)

Bea Elliott said...

No Aaron - You're a group follower... You are not an independent thinker. You justify your acts because they (emotionally) feel "right" and because "other people" *feel* the same way.

I may stand alone and that doesn't worry me in the least... I believe it IS wrong to kill without justification. And the only "justification" I deem acceptable is self defense.

And once again... Animals are not living "things" they are living "beings".

I'm just curious though... If you ARE so CERTAIN of your beliefs why have you invested SO MUCH time trying to convince me that you are right? Don't you have a blog of your own? (hint)

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o: