Jul 3, 2010

Empty the Cages. Free the Slaves. Liberty to All Who Would Benefit!

Ethically, there can be no justification in enslaving animals.

As Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple wrote: "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white. Or women created for men."

It doesn't have to be this way -
Please help to empty the cages.
The first positive step to do so is to Go Vegan.


J.Tyler said...

You are right - there is no ethical or defensible reason to enslave other animals. It is as shameful and inexcusable as our enslavement of other humans.

Bea Elliott said...

Nice to hear a rational voice that is "taking sides"! ;)

Anonymous said...

Bea two points:

1. Animals are sometimes caged for your safety - even natural ones where you live. Now, you want those animals running around and risking harming you or others, then go ahead.

2. Animals will always be "slaves" to us and our diets - even a vegan:

a. Bees and other insects pollinate fruits and vegetables.

b. Aphids, ladybugs and other insects act as assassins of sorts and eat bugs that would kill crops. Gardening books even sell these bugs in order to help gardeners and growers have a population to destroy said dangerous insects such as cutworms and other nasty pets.

But that selling of the bugs is indeed slavery in its own right - we have no right, per your comment, to sell these animals. They should be free.

c. Of course, animals are also crushed, whipped by grasses and other items when food is harvested.


I'm sorry, but your logic of animals being totally free is flawed. The ONLY way your philosophy will ever work is if you can create items out of thin air.

Everyone - vegan, omnivore, whatnot, enslaves (your words) animals. It's just that the vegans seem to call it "necessary" but call out others as it being slavery.

Point is, if it's wrong for one, it's wrong for all.

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous - I've often heard it said and I agree that the most dangerous of all animals is usually on the outside of the cage looking in...

But what animals are you worried about? The cows, pigs and chickens? Are they of potential harm to you? I think first we ought to stop breeding them, then worry about what to do with the ones that remain.

And if I *must* have "slaves" in order for me to live - Then I choose to have as few "slaves" as possible... That honey bees are free to polinate my food doesn't worry me in the least.

Finally even though food cannot be created "out of thin air" - I still think urban gardens, vertical farming and in vitro meat, for the flesh eaters, is a decent alternative.

The ONLY way your philosophy works is to force innocent creatures to be born just to be killed. I still think causing as little harm as possible is the rational and compassionate choice.