Jul 8, 2010

Follow Dairy Cow Diary on Twitter & Facebook - Vegan Advocacy

From Dairy Cow Diary:
A new life is born in a terrible, horrid prison .. but also a new activism site is born... These are the hopes for the newly created FaceBook group called Dairy Cow Diary. 

As the name implies, there will be daily comments said on behalf of the cows who are the prisoners. We hope that their lives will be truthfully exposed and that doing so will counter the mythical images put forth by the milk industry. Our goal is to change consumer perceptions and make more vegans through the process of educating them to the truth about "happy cows".

Although although we'll aim for a base of "followers" on Twitter -

Learn about cow's milk and dairy
Dairy Cow Diary fans do not need a Twitter account to participate from the FaceBook member pages... But we do need your membership and support here - And your helping getting the word out by "sharing" with friends. It's all for the animals... So, if you have suggestions on how to improve this effort of advocacy - The input is valuable to us all.

We think this is a rare opportunity to give dairy cows a voice amid the "noise" of the users, exploiters and facilitators. It is a chance to inform consumers of a carefully hidden reality. We all know it exists - By becoming a "fan" your support will help spread the word."
There are great resources, information regarding health issues associated with consuming "cow's milk"; There are videos, photos, essays and lively discussions regarding all aspects of the dairy industry and the cow's that tell their side of the story.


veganelder said...

Good post Bea, recognizing creative activism is a good thing.

I am beginning to think "anonymous" has a crush on you or something. :-)

Anonymous said...

No victory for you :


AND..no charges..


Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous - Be advised I'm attempting to delete your comments - For technical reasons, I'm unable to do so at the moment. But I will delete them asap because the "or else" threats in your tone and words simply won't be tolerated here on MY blog! That's the way free speech works - Don't agree? For the umpteenth time - GET YOUR OWN BLOG. (please?)

Now... So sorry veganelder to make you have to put up with this annoyance! Dairy Cow Diary is a great place for information as I mentioned... The page is updated almost hourly with more great reasons to fore-go cow's milk! :)

That's funny though... "a crush". Honestly I could do without such "affection".
Thanks for the visit!

Bea Elliott said...

Now that we are starting again on some relatively even footing:
Anonymous said..."No victory for you"

I don't know - I think the exposure of the inherent cruelty associated with "dairy" did wonders to educate people about "wholesome" cow's milk.

Also - Just to note the excuse used by Mr. Farmer - and corroborating vets sure does prove this thought:
That if giving birth to a calf is that difficult to the mother cow... And if the procedure indeed requires violence and aggressive acts against the mother (and calf) Then we should not be forcibly impregnating cows in the first place...

Stop making excuses to steal the calf, to steal the milk, to steal the lives.

None of it is necessary. There are abundant choices to cow's milk that don't require kicking cows - No matter what the "reason" is given for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Bea, I would like to respectfully ask you why you delete simple and honest questions challenging your viewpoints.

Once again, I've noticed you've deleted my posts, which did NOT again violate your rules. I did accidentally double post, but that is thanks to the server. It as not intentional.

I have NEVER been rude or given abusive, racial, sexist, age-ist, speciesist attacks" aimed at you or any other contributor.

This is a very disappointing issue - you are clearly showing to me and other posters that you simply do not wish to instigate logical debate. You see your viewpoint as the only right one - and sadly honey, it's an opinion only.

What's more disappointing is that you are showing me that if anyone attacks me or someone dissenting your opinion, you won't see them as a troll, even if they post that hateful dialogue to one of your contributors - which I am.

I respect opinions, but how can people respect you as a person if you simply just go and delete posts that ask you honest and direct questions?

To me, it seems that you simply do not trust your own beliefs when you go and delete my posts that challenge your belief.

This is why your viewpoint will never be seen in the light you want it to be - and why people on facebook will probably find your board to be libelous and possibly removed. I'd still tread carefully.


Bea Elliott said...

Mel - No posts were deleted. If they were, certainly I would have deleted "anon" with the "no victory for you" comment.

So what question did you want to ask? Or what is it you have to say? I'm all ears.

But do tread lightly as well - Remember my policies are no sexist remarks and I'm certainly not your "honey". Got it?

Anonymous said...

Bea, the simple questions are -

1. Why are you so oversensitive over people who disagree with you?

The term Honey as I've used it has been sarcasm only - not sexist (I'm a woman, and I get called worse). I've been called a lot worse by your fellow contributors, and in sarcasm, but I do NOT see any of them having their posts deleted. In fact, you have nearly encouraged it IMHO.

Why is it that you're more accepting of people calling ME these names such as idiot and having honey thrown back at me (and yes, it has been, but I'm not nearly as sensitive), but not the reverse?

2. I've asked you several questions, but you dodge generally or abruptly cease discussion. I've seen this with the policies and the like.

3. So, you ask people to debate you, but why do you delete the post for the merest - and in my honest opinion - silliest infraction - mostly being oversensitive to things such as sarcasm of "honey" and the like?

*Are you simply afraid to answer a direct and honest question with a direct and honest response? I consistently see you dodge or change the subject and have yet to see a complete and honest answer come from you.*

Frankly, with the exception of using "honey" once or twice - which BTW, You have NEVER in any post mentioned as being see as sexist in your point of view, I have been civil even if direct and honest.

But the comment of " But do tread lightly as well - Remember my policies are no sexist remarks and I'm certainly not your "honey". Got it?" - is really in a way a threat, and in my opinion a contradiction to your own policy. Now, you have every right to say you don't follow your own policy, but what value is your word when you can't show it to someone who you disagree with?

(And yes, I've perused your blogs and you have never said that "honey" was seen as sexist.)

Finally, you have deleted posts - I've seen it quite a few times. In fact, there have been apparently three in this blog alone, otherwise the first post with the "crush" comment doesn't make sense. That alone is a contradiction - or at least an error.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the usage of "Honey" in the previous comment is to receive an answer to the question. It is not directed to you personally, so I respectfully ask that you not delete the post on the grounds I merely used the word.

Bea Elliott said...

1. I am not "oversensitive" I am awake and aware. It is you who is "undersensitive" in that you are blind to the extreme damage your philosophy causes to INNOCENT victims.

2. What specific questions are so urgent for me to answer for you?

3. "Whatever".

Now... Although this is not a "policy" it is a request - If you truly wish to debate I'd really suggest you identify yourself at least with a tag of "Anonymous #1" or whatever you wish to use... This way we can communicate without the confusion of other "Anonymous" posters. Isn't that fair enough so I at least can keep track of the responses that are requested of me?

Anonymous said...

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Bea Elliott said...

Of course! But who are you Anonymous? Maybe I can link to you too?

Anonymous said...

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Bea Elliott said...

You're very welcome - And thank you for having an open mind (and heart).

Anonymous said...

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Bea Elliott said...

Glad to help get the word out Anonymous!