Aug 12, 2010

It's Not Fair - Another Butter Sculpture! Whadda Waste 'O Life!

So I got this photo from this article about the events and exhibits at the Ohio State Fair.

Back in January I gave my opinions on what I thought about "butter sculptures".  And I certainly feel the same now if not more so... But this photo and the article it pertains to leads me to want to say more:

Regarding the photo of these mothers holding their babies and wheeling their toddlers... I'm sure they are convinced that "milk" is a necessary part of their children's diet.  Yet, I'd wager dollars to vegan donuts that not a one of these women actually nourished their own children with their own milk.  It's a safe bet.

Further... I think it's so sad that these many sculptures attempting to show the "wholesomeness" of dairy cost so much in innocent lives.  Of course I refer to the "retired" cows and the stolen "veal" calves.  Knowing this truth about dairy it's easy to see why I find this photo so ironically twisted.

But speaking of mothers... and calves... and fairs - The article goes on to say one of the main attractions is the birthing display.  I suppose that's where people hope to witness the "miracle" of it all... From the artificial insemination right down to the induced labor.  But timing everything "just right" doesn't always work that way, as one veterinarian says, "they don’t always cooperate".  Still no worries!  If one of those pregnant cows gets out of hand you can always shoot her, eleven times...

Isn't it really so totally absurd?  Humans in awe of the "mystery" of life... Yet snatching away newborns from mothers.  Adults still unweaned... Yet drinking from the mammary secretions of an entirely different species!  Anyhow it's a real strange world isn't it?

Oh - And this "agricultural fair"?  If you look real hard at the article you'll find 4 sentences dedicated to a 600 pound pumpkin and a large ear of corn. Hum...

In any case here's my suggestion for next year's "butter sculpture":

Meet the Real Dairy Producers at Viva


So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Extremely absurd. And I don't understand how others just can't see it as well. But that indicates to me how deeply we've all been brainwashed by the dairy and meat industries because you would think that health professionals at least would realize how bad animal products actually are for you. But nope, milk is still treated as if it comes right from God. Well, one day I hope, all of us will see those industries in the same way we now view the manipulations of the tobacco industry.

veganelder said...

Reminiscent of the grotesque and bizarre practice of making items with skin and hair from the holocaust victims. Dairy farms are a manifestation of concentration and death camps for cows and their babies.

Bea Elliott said...

So I'm Thinking of Going Vegan... Don't give up hope on the health end. Everyday there's more information being gathered that discredit meat and milk as suitable or necessary in a healthy diet.

The non-dairy and "veg" alternatives at my grocery store have tripled in the last few years! Many articles and studies are pointing to a plant based diet. We'd be so much better off if this was disclosed years ago... But it will be in time. I'm certain of this! :)


You're right veganelder - It is most ugly and revolting. To all animals I know we are Nazis... But to the dairy victims we surely are ogres.
Thanks for witnessing.