Oct 8, 2010

The Blood Shed for Humane Slaughter - Was Your Food Treated Unkindly?

To those who still comfort themselves with the notion that their "food animals" are killed nicely... Here's an updated report which is a continuum of the same "humane" violations documented by AWI in 2008: Crimes without Consequences: The Enforcement of Humane Slaughter Laws in the United States.
Readers who still don't want their meat "bruised" might take a look to see that many times facilities were cited and fined - Some with up to 34 "humane" violations in 20 months.  And that's only when some one's looking (10 -12 times/month)... And that's only 1 or so billion pigs, cows, goats and lambs... It doesn't even take into consideration the 9 billion chickens and turkeys NOT covered by the happy... I mean "humane" slaughter plan.

So I guess it comes down to this: You have to get down on a knee and pretty please beg the enforcement officials to spend some of the pittance of 2% of the budget to oversee that things are being done "right".
"Right enough" so young steers aren't hit on the head 5 times to get in line for the kill. 
"Right enough" so that a delivered hog isn't shackled and drug to his position on the queue. 
"Right enough" so that a baby "veal" calf isn't "excessively and repeatedly" electrically prodded into a pen or forced to stand.  
"Right enough" so that young lambs aren't picked up by their wool and thrown on to the ground.  
"Right enough" so that a hog isn't shot 6 times to finally "die".  
"Right enough" so that a calf doesn't regain consciousness after having his throat slit... 
"Right enough" so his mother doesn't wake up dangling upside down in the middle of the air... Choking on her own vomit, feces, urine and blood.
"Right" enough for you?
It comes down to asking people to please really think about what it is you mean when you say you are "humane".  And please, please be very aware that these animals don't wish to die... And that animals feel terror and pain just like you do.  And that their lives mean something to them... And that it --- All the "humane", "happy", regulated, legal, institutionalized, "traditional" and "nice" animal killing is totally unnecessary... You pay people to do this to animals because you haven't questioned enough to see what's being done "right" or not.  I just wonder though --- 

 At the very least... Can we quit with the fakery of the word "humane"?

Even under the "best" of circumstances... Nothing "humane" happens in the bowels of a kill floor.

"Humane" means to be concerned with the alleviation of suffering. These beings are not ill, maimed or otherwise "unhealthy". They are not in an aging pain. They are delivered "fit for living", so there is no "suffering to alleviate". 

There is only suffering and blood shed to cause - Without need... Without "reason".  This is a mad system of ruthless, unnecessary carnage masked by a thoughtless, convenient lie.  Please know the ruse is up! You don't fool anyone but yourselves.
Please consider plant based alternatives & compassionate vegan choices.


veganelder said...

Thank you Bea, for a well stated condemnation of horror and an eloquent request for a better way of living.

Bea Elliott said...

My manners often get in the way of what I really mean to say - In my sarcastic way.

I do know that the scenario of "requesting" and "pleading" with one's captors is futile. Did any enslaver every release his victim because of begging or "pity"? Do murderers ever stop the killing because they were "kindly" asked to be kind?

Eloquent - perhaps... I just don't hold out too much hope to influence those who "pretend to be asleep".

But thanks for being a valuable voice in the "choir" as well.