Oct 29, 2010

Apply NOW! Bonus Pay-offs to Humane Slaughterhouse Vets!

• Do you want to make a difference in helping protect our nation’s food supply?
• Are you interested in improving public health?
• Does working in meat and poultry establishments interest you?

Unbelievable I know... But this is an ad for one of the 1,100 "veterinarian" positions offered by the USDA. And here is the ax I grind with these "vets":
Rightfully so most people assume that animal doctors would be interested in the health AND life of their patients... But looking through the job announcement - There isn't even the mention of an "animal" at all... (Save a line about the new classification of "catfish".)

Instead there is this: "Our mission is to protect the consumers by ensuring that the commercial supply of meat*, poultry, and egg products moving interstate in commerce or exported to other countries is safe, wholesome and correctly labeled and packaged". And as a hired "vet" one would be responsible for validating that the "stock" is healthy enough to kill... And that the carcasses are " healthy" enough to consume.  What a job for someone who's name implies "care giving"!  It's a ruse!  And no wonder the USDA and the meat industries are begging for applicants!  There's such an element of betrayal in surrendering your patients to the butchers... Not to mention the false respect and admiration that the general public gives to the institution as a whole.

The general public should see in every vets lobby the prime directive of the AMVA - It's whole duty is to insure animals can be optimally "used".  

Still, they are required to insure that: "Animals should be cared for in ways that minimize fear, pain, stress, and suffering."  Guess the captive bolt gun, electric stunning paddles, throat slitting, eviscerating and head-dropping procedures don't count... After all these vets are also supposed to oversee that "Animals shall be treated with respect and dignity throughout their lives and, when necessary, provided a humane death." 
Does anyone really see "respect and dignity" as these innocent beings hang upside down swallowing their own urine, feces, vomit and blood?  Please... clue me in if you do! 
As a healthy vegan I KNOW none of this is necessary... But let's see now if it's even "humane"?

"Humane" means to be concerned with the alleviation of suffering. These beings are not ill, maimed or otherwise "unhealthy". They are not in an aging pain. They are delivered "fit for living", so there is no "suffering to alleviate".
There is only the needless murder of victims for profit. That's it! Anyone using the word "humane" including "food animal" vets needs to own up to reality and stop with the pretty pictures all ready! 

No "needless" death is ever "humane". (period).

And there really is no surprise here: In the entire application for these slaughterhouse "vets" this one little question is sadly absent: Do you even like animals? But of course that's irrelevant - They're there for the blood money - That is the meat of the matter...
Finally... Let's just dispel this last myth... How "appetizing" are carcasses, tissue, muscle, veins, blood and bone anyway?

No "gory" HSUS, PETA, MFA, COA, etc. video here... Just a real honest look at the (yummy) USDA footage...

Yep - just "pork" "beef" "lamb" and "chicken" ---
"Healthy" ones at that... despite all the drugs they were injected with...

...And OH! Do I feel so sorry for people that do this disgusting job!

In conclusion... Vets - There really are better jobs out there!
Consumers... There really is a better way of eating -
Society... There is a better way of living...
In a truly "humane" way.

My axe with the AVMA:


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Hi Anonymous - Glad you dropped by and find my (not so humble) opinions of interest! Welcome anytime. ;)