Oct 19, 2010

Man as Predator - With an Insatiable Appetite for Flesh...

I was cleaning out some accumulated files and I just couldn't let this one go without comment.

This article proposes that there is a possibility that coyotes and other wild-life might be "trained" to develop a dislike for their normal diet.  It's called "Taste aversion".  "The idea is to leave bait laced with a chemical that makes a predator sick, but only for a few minutes.  The predator eats beef with a nausea-inducing chemical, becomes sick and loses its taste for cattle".

Anyone whose read my blog or who knows me can predict where I'm going with this:  Seems a much simpler solution would be for humans to develop a "taste aversion" to cows, chickens and pigs... This way we might reduce all the killing for the sake of our own UNNECESSARY wants.

The wolves and coyotes as "predators"...

What a sad joke!

Please consider a nonviolent way to eat and live... Go vegan - 

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