Nov 14, 2010

More Starved Pigs... More Starved Humans... Go Vegan

Isn't animal ag is hoot?  We know that often they are starving humans to fatten animals...

And well sometimes they just starve animals directly as in this case of the 1,000 pigs in Penn. or the 3,000 in Canada and countless other cases of neglect, ignorance and greed that is common in the flesh producing industries and flesh eating culture.

It is estimated that by 2020, 40% of the American population will be at an unhealthy weight... (25% are already considered "obese").  But this is very easy with "cheap" meat, milk and eggs.

Wake up America! Wake up world --- Your priorities are skewed.  Your "kind" sentiments are disingenuous.  You cannot profess to "care" without acting in the appropriate manner that illustrates that you do!

You must walk the walk - Or you're as phony as the fake sympathy I've heard you claim you have.

If you care about life - A Vegan option is the only sincere path.  All the rest is just window dressing.


veganelder said...


"If you care about life - A Vegan option is the only sincere path. All the rest is just window dressing."

Bea Elliott said...

veganelder - Thanks for being one of those who doesn't just "window shop" your ethics! You are an inspiration to me. <3

Rachel Lee Allen said...

You are so right Bea..very accurately well said

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you Rachel! I've read many of your opinions that are equally true. I value your input --- Thanks for all you do to expose the reality that will help our animal brothers and sisters! <3

Jo Tyler said...

I really can relate, Bea. I've been feeling the same way so strongly lately...I know we're supposed to "play nice" and gently guide people to veganism, but come on...when people know about these atrocities and simply don't care - how are we supposed to view them as anything but hypocritical, selfish and false?
Thank you for speaking the truth, my friend.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Jo - The ones who refuse to care: You know and I know they are hypocritical, selfish and false... All they see is that they are being challenged. I can only continue to hope that they retain a small bit of reason left open enough to change. If the lines of communication stay alive... The chances are always there.

I know a young man... He and I have had many conversations about "meat" - I gave him a few brochures... And he'd come back with a few typical questions/responses. Well anyway, after a bit of time and keeping it civil... He told me he's really going to try this "veg thing"... I know him as an honorable guy. I really think he'll put every effort into doing what he now sees as right. Yes, it took some time - But like we all know, everyone has their own path... And travel it on their own timing.

Sucks I know - We all want justice NOW... I'm so sorry it can't be had just yet. Perhaps sharing this little happy story will ease a bit of angst. :/

Thank you for speaking the truth as well! <3