Dec 20, 2010

On Shepherds and Peace - Our UnHoly Harm to the Innocent

I'm not about to tell anyone what their faith should or shouldn't be... I'm fine with anyone's beliefs as long as they don't harm the innocent in the practice of it.  Seems this should be fair enough to the most devout, orthodox religions to those who are non-theists or agnostic.  Everyone following one simple (golden) rule:
To Not Kill... To not steal lives from Others... To not cause harm.

I can't think of a better example of the righteous and just protecting innocence more than shepherds who guard a flock from harm.  The "good shepherd" who keeps the lambs safe from predators.  In artist's renderings time and again the lamb is shown with the Child as a symbol of peace and a promise of care.

Virgin and Lamb by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

William Bouguereau L'Innocence
And when the man known as Christ was born... It was shepherds who were first told of the blessed event.  A heavenly "shepherd" heralded by the earthly ones.  And this all would be a lovely story... If only the earthly shepherds were truly protecting the guiltless flock from danger... If they were truly guarding the innocent from predators... Rather than being predators themselves.  But we know that the sheep then, as now, are "livestock".  And now, as then, are enslaved for the use and predation of man...    

It is because of this, that I know who the honest protectors are... I know they are the few who liberate the innocent, seek The Truth and live by the Light of Justice.  I know they are the peacemakers... And I offer homage to them.

Salutations to all who deliver the innocent from injury!  Accolades to the warriors of peace! And Goodwill to those who leave violence off their plates.  For this is sincerely abiding by the word of go(o)d.

No one will betray their faith if they refuse to kill or eat animals... Please choose compassion.  Go Vegan.

Open Rescue


veganelder said...

Well said, excellent post Bea. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the goat and her babies freed. What I didn't love was what followed; I had to cover my eyes. How opposite to light, to justice, to compassion, to mercy, to truth, to love -- to everything Christ stands for -- is killing of any kind, of any species, of any precious child. And it is not only contrary to everything Jesus exemplified, but also everything that constitutes the real man.

Krissa said...

My upbringing was Christian and I've had a lot of inner and outer conflict because of my own personal feelings and what I know is right when I put that next to most of the major religions. But like you, I don't attempt to tell anyone what their religion should be and I just wish that humans would include ALL God's creatures in their hearts and treat them accordingly. My God did NOT create all other animals FOR the animal called man. No way. (the artwork is really pretty, btw!).

Jo Tyler said...

A powerful post, Bea. Thank you.

Bea Elliott said...

Gee... I'm so very far behind due to delays way beyond my control. But I trust everyone did have a special holiday.

Thanks veganelder and Jo --- As a reader who always appreciates the insightful material and POV posted on your blogs - You're approval means a lot to me.

I know what you mean Anonymous. The contrast is unbearable to be a witness to. I never intend to harm or upset anyone who has already awakened themselves... I only post what I do in the hopes that another reader, yet in the dark, may be enlightened. They are heartbreaking images - But they serve their purpose... I had to be visually shocked for this issue to be brought to my attention. As I'm sure you know, they make it so easy to stay blind.

Thanks for your compassion and love of justice.

Hi Krissa - "My God did NOT create all other animals FOR the animal called man. No way." That's exactly what I meant to convey! Looks like you and I both "preach" from the same "good book".

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

For this is sincerely abiding by the word of go(o)d.

I like that!

I'm the only non-Christian in my family, but I know in my heart that Jesus would not have condoned how we treat animals today, and my hope is that someday being vegan will be seen as the Christian thing to do for those of that faith.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi SITOGV - I'm the only non-Catholic in my family too... Yet without arrogance, I believe I'm much more "spiritual" than the lot of them. Some people try to find right/wrong in words, books and unquestioned "holy" doctrines.

Me? I think the most sacred place is in our open minds and hearts. It is there that we can truly evaluate the preciousness of all beings...

No one wishes to be hurt or killed. It doesn't take a "divine wisdom" to know this... All it takes is a desire to embrace Good and Truth! And no act that destroys Life can ever support those virtues. It is oil and water - Causing deliberate harm and death is totally off the mark of "godliness". Totally skewed from the kindness and compassion that Jesus urged us to be generous with! Life should be abundant! Murdering innocent beings goes totally against that goal. (IMHO)

Thanks for your good wishes - And your welcoming heart! <3