Jan 17, 2011

World Problems - Vegan Solutions

As if this story isn't chilling enough:

This comment from from ezeflyer, brings it all to a deeper understanding.  
"641 Brazilians, 230,000 Haitians, 108,492 Iraqis, 1,384 Afghans, 1,100 Pakistanis, 3,650 Palestinians, 1,142 Israelis, 2,750 Americans on 9/11, 4,435 American troops, 40% of all deaths worldwide from pollution, etc., all casualties of overpopulation, resource depletion and extreme wealth and power concentration."
Meanwhile Cargill 2nd quarter earnings nearly triple.  Ivory Coast post election Violence Rises. As do the waters from the historical El Nina driven floods in Australia.
In the U.S. wheat prices are up 50%, corn 70% and sugar has doubled... There are newly erupting food riots in pockets around the world as we speak...  American unemployment hasn't been this high in over 50 years.  Nor has homelessness.
It's easier to face possible disasters if you're vegan.  Plan and plant a garden.  Invest in bulk food items such as beans, rice, lentils, nuts/seeds, oats/grains and dried textured vegetable proteins.  In crisis situations these foods could  make all the difference in the world.  In the now... These food choices make all the difference in the world to these guys.

Not only might you protect your own future but you'll make a better world... Go Vegan!


veganelder said...

Plant a garden for yourself and plant a garden for the other animals to enjoy.

Krissa said...

Excellent info! Thanks for sharing.

Bea Elliott said...

veganelder... You wouldn't want to be feeding some wild rabbits now would you? I love the idea!!

Thanks for your appreciation Krissa!