Feb 3, 2011

Farmed Animals - Caged Slaves - Surviving on Food and Water

We keep hearing from animal growers that they provide adequate food and water... It's always the water and food --- Food and water.  As if that's all that a living being needs or desires... Not so!

This vet talks about how vital access to fresh air, space, earth, dirt and insects are to these hens... And why their combs and wattles are so pale without them.  They were being deprived of that essential part of nature that everybody requires: Sunshine!

Imagine denying anyone of sunshine?!?  Certainly, no one has been raise to find this kind of treatment to animals acceptable.

5 hens rescued 6 months ago... What about the billions bred and killed since? - After a miserable life in the dark... 

If you're not vegan yet... Why not???


veganelder said...

For the 5 rescued...the rescue meant everything. For those still being exploited and killed, their fate must become important enough to cause the ending of these atrocities.

Anonymous said...

Because the heart beats under a covering of hair, of fur, feathers, or wings, it is, for that reason, to be of no account?
Jean Paul

Anonymous said...

I couldn't live without that radiant sun. I love it so much. As a youngster, I used to be a summer beach bunny; I couldn't soak up enough of the rays that reflected off the white sand and blue surf.

But the sun is so much more than a giant mass of energy that emits light and heat and around which the planets of this solar system revolve. It is a metaphorical symbol of power.

What kind of power? Oppressive, coercive, dominating? No.

The sun represents the power of Love. The strength of Soul. The might of Mind. The vitality of Life. The force of Truth. The substance of Spirit.

Here's one of my favorite quotes about the sun and its "shine":
"The sun, giving light and heat to the earth, is a figure of divine Life and Love, enlightening and sustaining the universe."

That universe surely includes all hens! They deserve to feel the sunlight on their faces just as much as you and I do.

May the power of Love release those who confine hens and deprive them of light ... release them from their own "cages" of selfishness, greed, arrogance, callousness. May they learn that the only way to exert true dominion over others is to become a humble servant to those others, including the hens.

Krissa said...

It really is disturbing that if you take those hens out of the picture and substitute them with humans, the majority of humans would be outraged. They might not do anything about it, but they would have a reaction other than indifference. .... The food and water thing reminds me of my cow friend. She is dead now because she was raised to be "meat". She lived with other cows in a pasture near the shelter where I volunteered. These souls were being raised to be "Bio" meat (organic). I'll leave out everything not to do with the food and water, but they lived just about 100 yards from the offices of the Animal Protection agency. They regularly went for almost a week with little or no food in blizzard conditions (absolutely no shelter either). Their water was frozen. It was in little tubs that were difficult for some of them to drink out of if there was water because of the size. I guess they ate snow, I'll never know because I didn't see them do that, but they somehow survived. Then the horrible summer heat wave came and I'd see them desperately turning the tubs over or picking them up and turning them upside down with their heads turned up in a vain attempt to get water that wasn't there. I got in trouble for giving them carrots in the winter. No one ever saw me trying to give them water out of a little water bottle - a joke really. Well, my friend (she adopted me and I was closer with her than with the others...she didn't really have any cow friends) and the other cows are dead now. I try not to think too much about what her last moments were like. And I know firsthand how painful her life was. She is one of billions. Billions. How much suffering our species has created in this world.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

No one should be in the dark! (Figuratively and literally of course, snort.) Sorry for the deluge of comments today. But I think I'm caught up now ! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks veganelder - As usual I've never had an occassion to disagree with your logic or your goals. Ending the atrocities... Can never happen too soon!

Thanks John. That's a profound sentiment.

Hello Anonymous, Your beautiful words and the images they inspire are a gift. Even in this dark of night, gazing out my window... Hardly able to see the hens up on their roost, I can invision this concept you give of the sun... And the Light. I'm in deep gratitude listening to your powerful message.

Krissa, you're right that humans would be outraged at such treatment to "our own kind." But isn't it so that it's not hatred that causes so much suffering - But indifference? And certainly nonhumans are objects of that greatest sin of ours... Apathy.

Such a sorrowful story of your cow friend. You enriched her life as much as you could. I'm sure in her beingness she was relieved by your kindness and that she felt your love. In those caring acts you represented the best within us all. I sincerely thank you for that. <3

SITOGV - Good observation about no one should be in the dark! ;) No need to apologize for a "deluge"... Always happy to hear from you!