Feb 14, 2011

Hearts- Those Who Don't Have Them & A Culture That Pretends That They Do

Quite a title I know... But there are a many layers in all I want to say about Valentines Day.  I started off here, and it seemed unfinished.  So aside from saying that of all hearts beat with an equal desire to live, I wanted to say that there are some who seem to have no hearts at all!  In fact, aside from ignoring this unifying common denominator in us all... They not only take hearts and life, but do so with deliberate, mocking humor, as what Palin did after she stole a halibut's life and mocked the heart that sustained it.

Another example of people who have no heart is seen by some who are thrilled to eat the hearts of others - Ironically as a "celebration" of "love".  (rolly eyes)

Still even in the benign innocence, it's obvious most people (and culture) does not recognize it's own savageness.  It sugar coats reality with words that sound kind, like "a clean kill", "euthanizing" the healthy, "humane" slaughter, and animal "friendly" meats. Yes, these are the phrases that allow us to be heartless, while still pretending we are not...

In all the suffering that animals endure, it is unseen by us.  To avoid observing, and admitting we are "heartless", we pour the placebo-syrup of denial on instead! And in this sticky goo of lies, that diguise torture, we even task the animals to speak in our behalf as we sell "our love" to others:

And when I see a display of calves livers... Or dairy products - I know that I have a heart - Because it breaks...
So please... If you haven't already made the choices that would grow your heart of stone and steel to one that holds life as precious instead - Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to do so!

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.” ~Isaac Bashevis Singer


Krissa said...

As gut-wrenching and heartbreaking and horrifying as those photos are, I'm glad you post them. The torturing to death of innocents should not be ignored, glossed over or presented in any way less than real. I can't find words to describe how my heart feels to see the images, to know that those are even mild compared to some others. And I think this is a very good Valentine's Day post. Especially the old valentine's (lies) next to the pictures of reality. How can so many of our species be so heartless? Happy Valentine's Day to all those out there who have a heart.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Yes, great juxtaposition! And I think it's no accident that Nick Cooney titled his book "Change of Heart" as opposed to "Change of Mind" -- because that's what it'll take.

Anonymous said...

In agreement with Krissa. Amazed you found those old Valentine cards and the sad photos that, when lined up side by side, portray the factual story vs the fairy tale.

Then again, there's still another layer to dig down to, the one that tells the absolute, forever truth: That we are all precious. Made to be good. Filled with unconditional love for one another.

We can see and experience this good, however, only when we turn from the distorted lens of material sense and the deceptive pronouncements of evil. Starting with GOOD as the only cause and creator, we end up with an accurate depiction of reality, and the human (and animal) scene shifts accordingly.

Thank you for exposing the lies that lead us to to the ultimate Truth, Bea.

veganelder said...

The Biophilia hypothesis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biophilia_hypothesis) suggests that we are naturally oriented to feeling positive toward and attracted to...life. Watching the video and considering your words would strongly suggest there are many who are repulsed by life and are driven to destroy it...in other words this natural inclination has been perverted and now drives destructive and sadistic behavior.

Few have the temerity to openly admit to enjoying the destruction of life and the infliction of suffering hence employment of all the camouflage, weasel words and "syrup of denial". (great phrase!)

The pathology inherent in the enjoyment of the destruction of life and in the infliction of suffering on others is self-evident...time for all of us to wake up and identify this sickness for what it is and to turn away from it...to openly identify its purveyors, expose their perversions and refer them to treatment (which is what they need). Those who are wounded and do not heal, tend to inflict similar wounds upon those around them.

Anonymous said...

One of the best essays ever. From the heart, hope springs eternal. This is the kind of transparency that we need to restore the bonds that *should* drive our lives and our relations with others.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Krissa - I don't mean to cause your heart to ache any further... It's never my intention to make those who already know anguish(again). :(
Happy Belated Valentines to you too-

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan - Excellent observation about Nick Cooney's book! That's what we need - A Change of *Heart*... Exactly! :)

Hello Anonymous - Thank you for your kind words and caring deeds that I'm certain are a total part of who you are. <3

Thanks veganelder for that lead to biophilia! I know what it is because I've experienced it... Even in the realm of nonanimal living things. Yes indeed! Being entranced by the beauty of the veins that travel within a leaf... Loving the smell of bark on a tree... Getting (romantically) lost inside the pistil of a flower. Even admiring the shape and texture of rocks and stones seems to "complete" me in some way... And now, I'm unashamed about it! Now I know what to call it! Biophilia - now registers as an important part in the make up of a "whole" person!

I know now too that this must be the natural and right connection humans *should" feel in the world around them. This adoration of Life is the closest thing to what I can call a "soul." And if one lacks that - we see tragically what brutalities will take it's place.

Biophilia! Grateful to you for expanding my understanding of the way things (I) work! <3

Hello John - I appreciate that my writing touched you. Really... Thank you so much.