Mar 3, 2011

Arrest Me! I've Filmed Florida Cows!

Writing on this blog I normally stay away from personal issues... That's why I created Once Upon a Vegan --- For less generically political, more intimate "me" subject matter.  But this proposed bill initiated by Florida state senator 
Jim Norman strikes close to home on not only a personal level but a political one as well.

This bill states that:
(1)A person who enters onto a farm or other property where legitimate agriculture operations are being conducted without the written consent of the owner, or an authorized representative of the owner, commits a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in sections: (blah, blah) Florida Statutes.
(2)A person who photographs, video records, or otherwise produces images or pictorial records,digital or otherwise, at or of a farm or other property where legitimate agriculture operations are being conducted without the written consent of the owner, or an authorized representative of the owner, commits a felony of the first degree, punishable as provided in (blah, blah) Florida Statutes.
(3)As used in this section, the term “farm” includes any tract of land cultivated for the purpose of agricultural production, the raising and breeding of domestic animals, or the storage of a commodity.
Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2011

Of course this bill is absurd... But as Erik Marcus at Vegan.Com points out, there are other states that may follow in proposing this kind of ridiculous legislation.

So... Not wanting to be a refugee of the law here in Florida... Where the sun always shines and the chads are always hanging - I thought I'd save the (drained and unrepresented) tax payers a little dough and turn myself in by confessing to my criminal mis-deeds:

First is my guilt of compassion... You see, I really care that sentient beings are being used as things!  I care that they are needlessly killed!  I care... Well, because that's what I was taught some 50+ years ago... Who knew I was being instructed to be such a devious transgressor?

And the second violation that I wish to turn myself in for is for breaking some kind of future "rule" that says neither tourist or Florida home-owning resident, can stop by a roadside to take images of "production" animals.

There ya go! Guess I've throw myself at the mercy of the corrupt just legal system, to take whatever lashings are due...

30 years behind bars... Will fellow advocates please sneak in a vegan cupcake to me once and a while?
Mea culpa...


Anonymous said...

I'm caught somewhere between laughing with you at the absurdity of the proposed bill and crying with you at the thought that these very cows will be subjected to unimaginable torture -- all for the sake of a little flesh -- in a few weeks' time.

You can tell they feel your genuine interest in them and are touched by the tenderness of your heart. Indeed, it leaves me with the feeling that the mutual admiration society you all formed in that pasture is as meaningful to each of these beautiful individuals as it is to you, Bea. I only hope they picture your kind face and hear your soothing words as they endure the stun gun and the knife.

Though current law says that cows may be treated as unfeeling commodities, such a law has nothing to do with true justice. And if a new state law declares your filming the cows illegal, that law, likewise, will be far removed from justice. In fact, all laws that violate the integrity of any living being are lawless, because unjust. ~ Anon-O

veganelder said...

Given the history of "law making" and "law makers" and the lunatic laws that have been passed just in the past 10 years or so, I would suspect many laws of this type are going to be implemented.

The provisions of the "patriot act" and the "animal enterprise terrorist act" already contain multiple absurdities and offensive oppressions...when corporations and power hungry humans and groups are in charge there is no such thing as a law that is too "absurd".

The Chinese govt. recently moved to set up a law to ban reincarnation without govt. permission ( am sure we Americans can beat the Chinese govt. at the absurdity game.

Slowly sliding toward a society where being imprisoned or an being a former prisoner is a mark of compassion and integrity...where being a "good" citizen means being complicit in and supportive of horrors and atrocities.

Beautiful cow people.

And I am glad I am old.

Jo Tyler said...

Oh Bea you're hilarious! I'm laughing, but inside I'm crying because I feel this proposed law is just the beginning. Animal Ag has the most powerful lobby in our nation and they can strong arm our meat-greedy politicians into doing just about anything.

Amazing how those cows all gathered around you to listen to your speech! They are so sweet and gentle and beautiful...

Unknown said...

I think this proposed legislation could work against meat/dairy and FOR us activists. It shows the public that our legislators are cozy with Cargill etc. We just need to get that out there every way we can.

SBH CLAY said...

Good point, Zia.

So I'm Thinking Of Going Vegan said...

Love your car Bea! And I hope Krissa gets to see these beautiful cows soon. Great video, great post.

Things are getting scary in Canada too (see link below as an example), and I imagine that in part it's a reaction to vegans stepping up and trying to make this world better for ALL species.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Anon-O! Thank you for being a comfort as it does prey my thoughts: Them, the stun gun and knife. The two concepts together; Their total innocence and the most ugly fate that we devise for them --- They just don't mesh in any real world or meaning of fair treatment! It is so twisted from what it ought to be. Indisputable evidence of man-made sin. Off the mark from justice completely!

And if I could stand among these placid creatures in realitve freedom from harm, with only my knowledge of their certain terror... I have a new and deeper respect for those who actually film and do "under-cover" exposures. How they manage to witness what they do... Seeing the dirty practices of "egg hatcheries", hen and pig warehouses, feedlots and slaughterhouses --- Well, I can't imagine what these advocates must endure! Indeed, this animal industry creates victims everywhere in it's path. Truly an ugly evil that I hope will someday be snuffed from even our memory. It is the only thing that I know all of us peacemakers want to "kill." Kind of odd isn't it? ~thanks~

Hi veganelder, My husband keeps reassuring me that it will never pass, let alone stand. We have "civil rights" you know. (?) He's probably right... But still as you pointed out - The way things can go bad for the fair minded...

China banning reincarnation... I wasn't even aware of this proposed mandate. Not much reported on mainstream news! You'd think since it severely infringes on religious AND spiritual beliefs that the many "holy" right-winged folks here in the good-ole usa would have made a story of it??? Aren't they *very* concerned about this freedom being infringed on and denied? Oh... Or is it only *their* freedom - And *their* beliefs that they yell so loudly to be heard? But of course!

I couldn't help but research this absurd and draconian law against the Buddhist's traditions... I found this commentary you might enjoy. The writer certainly calls it as it is.

I've remained disgusted for quite sometime at the way we consumers ravenously devour the products from China... The way American businesses and government have permitted and even encouraged China's oppression to it's people. We of course, look the other way for cheap sneakers and bartered loans and (war) fundings. Pretty foul stuff...

But it all goes with the withering away of our own freedoms here too - Imagine how insane this is: Corporations have protections reserved for "personhood". Yet, living, sentient beings are commodified as disposable, inanimate "things".

Again I say "twisted", inverted - all inside out, backwards and wrong!

I'm grateful I'm old sometimes too... Then I fear that all that's left to be undone and KILLED - Will only fester and continue it's cancerous path. I guess that's why (sometimes) I force myself to look for the positive change... I did that in my conversation to the beautiful cow people. It was very important for me to tell them that "as sure as the sun was setting in the west" - That we were all determined to make things change! It's a promise we've all given to these lovely beings... Perhaps it is we too that are destined to re-incarnate to make it so! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Jo! Glad you appreciate my efforts at humor... Such fodder for ridicule isn't it? Yet... As I'm beginning to see, most of us who grasp the political dynamics and increasing corruption at hand, have very good reason to be concerned...

Specifically here in Florida, the newly elected commissioner of ag AND member of the "Congressional Sportsmen", Adam Putnam, is heavily influenced and sympathetic to the cattle interests... I suspect in the next few years I'll be seeing many more "Beef, It's What's For Dinner" bumper stickers... Many more rodeos, auctions and 4H "livestock" shows too... Ugh! Wanna buy a house (cheap) in the sunshine state? :/

Thanks for seeing the cows as the sweet, gentle and beautiful beings too!

Hi Zia - Confirmed! And not only does this proposed law reveal a slimy kind of "good-ole-boy", buddy-in-your-pocket kind of activity, but it also shows that these ag thugs have lots to hide in their bulling and dispicable harm done to the animals.

For anyone who looks close enough it confirms that what they do as "common practice" has to be kept from public awareness. Their (good) reputation ever more in jeopardy... I agree we need to make that happen in every way we can.

Like SBH CLAY says... Very good point! :)