Jun 6, 2011

Farm & Dairy, Silver Spurs - These Are The Free Speech Saboteurs

Up until a few days ago I was actively engaged in a discussion at the Farm and Dairy site.  Now, I'm no stranger to censorship on these animal ag sites... On too many occasions to count, I've been cut off in mid thought - Coincidentally, the "last word" is always had by one of their gang.  So be it.  But this is the beauty of the internet - I can post my responses here instead.  I think they are worthy of consideration.

We were debating if vegetation could be grown without the use of industrial animal agriculture.  And without laboring over the background conversation the final points I wanted to make to "TY" are in bold.
Warning - For some it might be a gruesome subject:
Ty said: The only way to capture the nitrogen potential would be to macerate, sterilize,and reconstitute...

My reply:
I am not a chemist or biologist but I know that the sooner a cadaver returns to the soil the quicker the worms eat... And the sooner the "cycle" begins.
Now if this more natural mode is riddled with hazards why are green burials becoming so popular? 

There are environmentally friendly ways of disposing of human remains that would benefit the permaculture.

Bio-cremations or "resomations" are certainly fertilizing the lawns in a Florida facility!  

And in the U.K. there's Promessa: "The primary principles are preservation after death in organic form and shallow burial in living soil that quickly converts us to mulch."

So I disagree - I do think we are culturally ready to think of more renewable things to do with our dead bodies.  And given enough funding and study it just might replace animal waste after all.

I wish you well Ty. I hold no bitterness towards you... I think you are bright and that you have a mind strong enough to inquire ideologies further. 

I think it's easy to see why I became frustrated by not being given the space to reply.  I think I had some valid points... But this is how the animal users work on the web... Now let's see how they act in the real world:

I attended the protest at Silver Spurs Rodeo last night... To the right of the photo below is The Florida Cattlemen's building.  
This demonstration was just a small group, holding signs in a peaceful, orderly, LEGAL way.  I smiled and waved... We all did. It was an effort to just get people to THINK about the possibility that cows, calves, bulls and horses were being needlessly "used" for harmful and frivolous amusement.  It was an attempt to get people to WAKE UP from their thoughtless ignorance.  That's it.

There were cars and trucks that passed by us... Some with horses being sent possibly to their doom should an "unfortunate" "accident" happen.  Still, our small group stood in quiet calm.

But many of these trucks with tires taller than my vehicle - spit and threw used chewing tobacco at us.  They shouted obscenities.  They cussed and gave us the finger... They spun their wheels so as to kick up pebbles and rocks in our faces... The gunned their engines and left clouds of black smoke as they sped off towards the parking lot.  Many had children in the cars as well.  They were brutish.  Angry.  Aggressive and hostile. 

It wouldn't be a stretch that if possible, they would have stomped and slammed on us physically so that our message would be silenced.  I am sure in the same way that they think nothing of harming innocent "rodeo" animals, they'd think nothing of tyrannizing us too.  You see that's the way it goes when you run roughshod over those "smaller" than you - When you're a bully - Everyone's is game and nothing's too petty.

And let it be no surprise to anyone that these thugs are also the first to call activists "communists", "liberals", "radicals", troublemakers, terrorists and un-American.  But look how they represent themselves! On line or not... It is the voice of reason and compassion they suppress...  It is the very first order of Free Speech which they deny and attack.  

I'm sure their mothers didn't raise them that way... And I'd bet anything even the Florida Crackers who actually did drive the cattle through the swamps way back when would be aghast at the uncivil display of rude childishness.  As for me, I've paid my taxes to the "Sunshine State" for almost 40 years - and I hang my head in embarrassment for I've truly seen the underbelly of it all at the Silver Spurs sham.  Just pitiful.
I hope the information about the possibility of growing REAL food without the need of killing animals is useful knowledge... As for anyone else even considering spending their valuable time or money in Florida, as you can see we're not the progressive, civilized state you think we are. We're knee-deep in hillbillies that abuse animals as "things" just 20 minutes from the zipitee-do-da "magical" kingdom where they eat them all day. 
La-la-land for sure. :/


David Ashton said...

Sometimes it feels like an awfully slow process. Helping the human race wake up and discover its compassionate nature seems like such an impossible undertaking, but what other undertaking is there? I admire your work very much.

Wembley Fraggle said...

I had a similar experience at the Denver Western Stock Show holding my giant "BOYCOTT RODEO CRUELTY" sign - though folks were not quite so physically violent since we were in a pedestrian area. They are angry and defensive because they feel that we are threatening their "livelihood" or "way of life". Which we are! ;) One said "you'll ruin everything!" to which I replied "we're certainly gonna try!"

Hang in there, don't burn out! Always document, document, document what happens and be prepared to press charges. Hand out flyers to anyone who'll take them... Some people are unreachable, but some aren't. You are making a difference!

Peace - SJ - Boulder, CO

Jo Tyler said...

I'm currently reading The Help by Katheryn Stockett. It chronicles the lives of African American maids working in Jackson Mississippi during the early stages of the Civil Rights movement. Your experience is not unlike the hatred and fear that was lobbed against those who spoke out against racism -- and, as my husband reminds me -- those who, decades earlier, spoke out in the struggle for women's suffrage. Those in power are loathe to give it up. So far, we have not had to endure the violence which accompanied those movements, but I believe it is inevitable...and it will come from those who angrily oppose animal rights, rather than those who are peacefully working towards it. As you sensed, there was physical violence there waiting, just under the surface of their aggressive and juvenile actions. I am immensely proud of you for standing tall in the face of such adversity. I love your observation about free speech and being un-American...I think that deserves it's own blog post if you have time some day. Thank you, Bea, for being calm and fearless in the face of hatred. You are a hero to me...

Have Gone Vegan said...

Hey Bea, I stopped checking in on that discussion at the Farm and Dairy site, but am impressed by your persistence! I don't think I would have had the patience myself because I'm not convinced you can reach people like Ty who will continue to rationalize and defend their actions no matter what reason, logic or emotion you throw at them. But good for you for trying! :)

As for your experience at the rodeo, wow. How awful! And scary. But I think it shows that we're making strides because people wouldn't react with such anger and hate if they're not feeling that their system of ingrained violence against animals (and thus the opinions and behaviours they hold dear) is under attack. As Jo said, this has happened in other social justice movements as well, and I think it'll probably get worse before it gets better. We ARE on the cusp of change (even though that change may take longer than we like), but in the meantime...

Anonymous said...

Way to degrade your neighbors with disparaging comments

Anonymous said...

You might get a little bit further in your mission if you treat people with more courtesy. Your comments around the web often seem self-righteous and dictatorial. It only offends and doesn't reach the audience. What's the point? You can't convert that way.

Anonymous said...

Hate rodeos.

Anonymous said...

You might benefit from seeing a therapist about paranoia and hostility in addition to other things. Just trying to help out another human being :)

veganelder said...

Ah Bea, you're apparently attracting some amateur shrinks. Although their diagnosing acumen seems rather deficient.

I resonated strongly with your writing about protesting the rodeo, so much so that I devoted a post to it (my comment was too big). Thanks for standing up for the animals, you are all a group of brave folks.

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you David! I appreciate your voice in this effort as well. If it weren't for like minded Good thinkers and kind hearts like yours, the task would be all the more difficult!


Steve I love your truthful reply: "we're certainly gonna try!"! I don't let them phase me much - I've grown some thick skin as any activist learns to do...

We just have to stay at it - I know we're making headway all the time! And I also know the opposition is aware of it too - It becomes obvious with their aggression. Soon it will be acceptance! I have no doubt! Press on!

Peace to you too (in Colorado!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Peace and love to you all.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Jo! The Help sounds like a telling read. I'm just now reading Mothers of Invention by Drew Gilpin Faust. I honestly never knew the "challenges" slave holding southern women faced. To read their "woes" about having to pitch in with domestic duties during the hardships of war.It's no wonder that one of the first employment opportunities for free black women was in the realm of "service" to the *new* wealth.Plantation women could not stand the tasks & chores of even caring for their own children!Let alone their mansions.

And I think there's a great lesson to be learned from the way this African American Pullman porter handled aggression and demeaning attitudes. He confronted it head on and demanded mutual respect: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=103945861&ps=rs

And I would have too... But these thugs had a certain advantage being in vehicles. They were able to hide their cowardice inside machines. (this time & for now)

"Those in power are loathe to give it up." But that's because that's all they have! We all know inside every bully is a whimpering, scared kid. So sad. :(

And as much as I'd like to see a peaceful evolution - I fear too that matters of self-defense (even by extension) won't allow that.

In the meantime the best we can hope for is education and in reform as to where our tax dollars go. The financial "support" to their existing violence and hatred must cease! Schools need to foster respectful relationships with all beings who share the planet. And we certainly don't need to be feeding school kids (or armies) meat/eggs and dairy. (But I digress...)

I appreciate your vote of confidence. And bringing such clarity to the issues of Nonhuman Slavery. http://www.nonhumanslavery.com/

No doubt: You are a hero to me too! In immeasurable ways!... <3

Bea Elliott said...

Hey HGV - I know what you mean about the doubts of reaching those who choose to be ignorant. But honestly, I just don't have it in me to let certain things go unchallenged.

I thought he (and others) did bring up some valid points. All I can hope for is that eventually, they will let their guard down and listen to reason. It's a tough nut to crack... There are so many misconceptions and a whole history of "civilization" to bring truth to.

I agree that I'm persistent... But if I ever thought they were "hopeless" to reach - That would make me "insane". Not me. At the risk of being "speciesist" I'd rather adopt the label of being a "bull-dog". "Uncle" is not in my vocabulary! ;)

I agree with you - These rodeo boys must be wise enough to know they're days are numbered! As goes bull-fighting and dog fighting --- So too will the "entertainment" at rodeos fade into the dust!

"We ARE on the cusp of change". You're singing my song! Keep Calm and Vegan On! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Anonymous... If speaking the truth and exposing reality "disparages" my neighbors - Maybe my "neighbors" need to get out of Dodge? ;)

Anonymous #2 --- Me? I'm the one with no courtesy? I'm not the one treating sentient beings like disposable things! If I appear angry or intolerant that innocent life is harmed as an institutional habit... Well, guess I AM angry about it!

I don't know that telling the truth is "self-righteous". Nonhumans ARE being sacrificed for no good reason. It is my obligation as a decent person to speak out, up and against it whenever I can! I doubt that you would call me "dictatorial" if I were exposing the routine abuse done to children... I see no difference in their plight as animals used in rodeos, circuses, puppy mills... Or in meat/dairy/eggs.

If it's wrong. And it IS. I'm certainly not going to tip-toe around asking "pretty please" to stop the violence. If my words or views sound insulting - It's because that is what these actions deserve.

When victims are being enslaved, mutilated, beaten and robbed of their lives - We all have an duty to scream bloody murder about it!

Finally, I do believe I attempt civil discourse. I'm more than anxious to discuss any issues involving the evolution towards a compassionate and rational existence. I am a peaceful person... But I do want to "provoke" thought - When I see a meatcase filled with body parts --- That appears very "judgmental" to me too. In this light my reactions and words can hardly be called harsh or inappropriate.

But thanks for your advice... I'll try to work on a "nicer" delivery, even to the ogres. ;)

Anonymous #3... How'd you get in the mix? I agree though! Hate rodeos too! And with excellent reason:

Anonyous #4: Your advice is appreciated... I'll put it in my circular file! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder! Ugh --- What an effort to wade through all that nonsense.

I'm very anxious to see what you've posted! http://veganelder.blogspot.com/

I have leafleting (my favorite form of activism) an hour away. I'm too pressed for time right now to give your thoughts the full attention they always deserve. I'll hold it as one of my best "rewards" when I return tonight! :)))

You are certainly a champion defender in my eyes too!

See you on the flip-side. <3

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are bicycling or driving an electric vehicle an hour away. Greenhouse gas emissions are causing the melting of polar ice caps and leading to the future extinction of polar bears and many ocean creatures (when the food web is destroyed due to changed ocean temperatures).

Please consider the benefit of what you're doing to the costs - all the costs - to wildlife.

Bea Elliott said...

Hello Anonymous - Actually my car is old... Well maintained - But certainly not electric. Fortunately I average about 20 miles a month. With the rare exception of events like this which I do try to car-pool to when I can.

Now... Since you've been so kind as to point out all the things I could be doing as well as being vegan - How about share what YOU'RE doing to help make a better world? Aside from changing your lightbulbs that is... Toodles!