Jan 21, 2012

Spilling Blood for Pork - What a Waste!

See this adorable little "cowboy" pig?  Isn't he a happy fellow!  So pleased to be the trademark for Columbia Packing Inc. in Dallas that is, according to their website, "celebrating 90 years" of family pride and tradition.
But wait! Is there trouble in paradise?  Poor little Columbia Piggy's not too happy that all his blood is being dumped in the Trinity River.  In fact, federal, state, and local authorities say this Texas meat-packing company is under criminal investigation for contaminating the water ways and threatening human health.  Slitting pig's throats certainly threatens their health too! :(

The Texas Environmental Crimes Task Force has been looking into the plant for two months now. They were tipped off by someone who filmed the suspicious red stuff flowing in the creek/river - via aerial footage.  Thank goodness there are no laws (as of yet) to discourage filming animal enterprises - Because if there were... This whistle blower might very well have faced fines for exposing "pork production".  Maybe...

No help to the pigs - But this packing house was suspended twice for "humane" violations in the handling and slaughter of our happy cowboy pigs... 

Still that doesn't seem to bother 3rd generation Joe Ondrusek one bit.  He's too busy smooching with fellow animal killers:
Participating in "livestock" shows, judging meat at fairs. And best of all being in the USDA Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program. Everything's so civilized and safe isn't it?

The reality is - Pigs don't want to be mascots for murder.  They don't want their bodies to be harmed.  They don't want to be confined, forced or man handled.  They don't want their lives to be stolen. They don't want their precious blood to be "waste".
Please - Have no part in one drop of blood shed! It's the least we can do


CQ said...

Bea, when I'm not amazed at the illustrations and photos you find, I'm amazed at the blogs you unearth.

This PROVOKED piece is no exception: onegreenplanet.org, www.timgier.com and Patrick J. Battuello's inbehalfofanimals.com are all new to me (well, maybe I've read OGP a couple times before).

The point of your post, the logic of your lingo, is, as always, irrefutable.

Poor piggies. Bless their sweet selves. Were we humans interested in valuing their little lives, we'd have lots fewer messes to clean up in our own lives.

veganelder said...

Understanding that killing for any reason is a bad thing, much less for profit or "fun" or convenience....I wonder why that is so difficult for so many of us to grasp.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi CQ - "Were we humans interested in valuing their little lives, we'd have lots fewer messes to clean up in our own lives." Exactly!!! Well said!

As always, thanks for sharing your best thoughts.

Bea Elliott said...

I don't know either veganelder - (sigh) Satisfying human greed/pleasure seems to know no bounds... Certainly not the lives of poor little pigs in this instant. It's sad. :(