Jan 27, 2012

What Is Your Shade Of Compassion?

Eenie, meenie, miney, mo - 
What shade of grey does your compassion show?

Many say that life doesn't provide us with black and whites... Nor does morality. Many believe everything exists in a nebulous, shades-of-grey world.

Here's the story of an accident involving a cargo of cows.  The double decker truck didn't clear an overpass and several "passengers" were injured. The cow-owner had to euthanize 7 of them.

Here's the quiz: Since animal ag claims they "care" for their "stock" - When was it exactly that the farmer "cared" most?  Was it when he originally loaded the cows to go to slaughter?  When he killed the "damaged" ones?  Or when he loaded the rest to continue their journey to the knock box?

Of course this is a rhetorical question... Anyone with the gumption to do a smidgen of honest thinking would know that when it comes to taking lives... There is no gradient degree of compromise.  This applies too if you're paying someone to do the killing for you!  It's just plain black and white wrong!

If you're not doing it now - please consider living your life in a thoughtful way. There's absolutely no justifiable reason to not be vegan. None.  


veganelder said...

Clever, apt and most assuredly true (no color vision needed)!!

Harry said...

The reporting highlights the truck being too high and the issuing of a ticket while the poor cattle get barely a mention; I guess that's the society we live in - the tragic and unnecessary death of 34 cattle is not newsworthy. But the issuing of a ticket is! And yet there is indeed no justifiable reason not to be vegan.

There should be outrage about the cattle being on their way to be slaughtered, with such outrage amplified by the accident. The issuing of a #&@&'?! ticket should not get a mention. We have some way to go ...

Vegan Rabbit said...

I.LOVE.THIS!!!! It's so true!! I can't tell you how many times I hear people (often, friends and family) talking about how they buy "humanely raised and slaughtered" meat. "Humane slaughter"????? REALLY???? And this is coming from people who have read my blog, talked to me in depth about these issues on numerous occasions, and even eaten delicious vegan food at my home before. They should know better, and yet they keep buying into the "humane" myth! The demise of EVERY SINGLE livestock animal is dealt in the slaughterhouse. There is no retirement home for them to go to. There is no serene pastoral field where all the animals can run and play in peace once their production declines. THEY ARE MURDERED - plain and simple. *sigh*

Anyway, thank you for this post. It was like you took the words out of my brain and put them in writing.

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you veganelder - I consider you an aficionado on what's clever, and certainly what's true. Yep! One can be "color blind" and still be kind! ;)

Hi Harry! Yes, I noticed that neglect of the victims too on more occasions than this one. Even I skimmed over the poor cows... wanting to make another point. :/

Some stories I've read where a whole barn of prisoners burn alive and the reporter will say "Thank goodness no one was harmed". There just aren't enough tears for the rage and sadness!

Yes, a ways to go... But go - We will! Thanks!

Vegan Rabbit I'm glad this hit the spot for you! Seems that word "humane" floats around any shade of "flexibility" or convenient interpretation.

Sometimes it's irresistible when people see/saw on what's humane - I turn the tables on them and ask they put themselves in the animals shoes... What is REALLY humane to them? Usually they drop back and punt with the "animals don't really matter" phrase - But at least it puts an end to what "humane" killing is... It's a total LIE!

Thanks for your visit and your generous heart!