Nov 21, 2012

Being Thankful for Living Turkeys - A Compassionate Holiday

I sure don't want to leave this blog in a cranky or unhappy state during what should be a nice celebration of abundance!  Tomorrow for the 4th year I'll be feasting at a banquet spread consisting of beautiful plant based foods. My group calls it ThanksVegan - And indeed the food and the company make me very grateful for Vegans who are thankful and thoughtful.

So in pre-holiday festivities I thought I'd leave Provoked on a pleasant note with some of my favorite messages of a compassionate nature:

The story of Sadie and her three sisters rescued and residing at Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary.

This affectionate and very vocal turkey at Animal Acres is guaranteed to make you smile!

And the recent rescue of one super lucky turkey hen by Animal Place Sanctuary. Someone to be Thankful For

But all of us who are opting for other choices during holidays - before and beyond - give sanctuary to all birds and beings all the time!  We've found a way to feast on "life-giving not life-taking foods" :

With bountiful gratitude to all who have done so!
Happy ThanksLiving!


veganelder said...

Happy ThanksVegan! Thank you for the links to the nifty stories and smiles to you and yours on this holiday.

Anonymous said...

Thanksvegan! I love it!
Being thankful for living turkeys: a great way to put it.

Anonymous said...

While I like the term ThanksLiving, ThanksVegan is awesome and I'm totally adopting it!

Thanks as well for the links -- I needed something uplifting. Also watched quite the fascinating show on wild turkeys tonight on PBS:

So Happy ThanksVegan to you Bea! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Glad veganelder - It's a gift to make you smile. ;)

Hi D.E.M. - Happy ThanksVegan back at you! Everyday! :)

Thank you have gone vegan --- The story on the wild turkeys is an unforgettable one. Although how the writer couldn't come to vegan conclusions baffles me. (?)
Appreciate your visit & kind heart. xox

Anonymous said...

Lovely thoughts and lovely feelings and lovely actions = LOVE. It's for real.

Thanks to your sharing of Sadie and her friends, I found and enjoyed watching several other Safe Haven Farm Sanctuary videos. Adored them all.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Olivia! Glad you let Sadie and some of her friends touch your heart and lighten your load. I know your wish is the same as mine - That someday there will be more of these lovely beings in sanctuaries and good homes than not... Someday I believe it will be so! ;)

proud womon said...

thank you for this beautiful post bea elliott... i felt uplifted, i cried, and i laughed...

Bea Elliott said...

Hi proud womon! So glad you were touched in a positive and lighthearted way. Happy tears are the best - aren't they?