Feb 24, 2013

Vegans Have Evidence of Violence

It's fair to say that most of us require evidence to confirm our belief in something. Unquestionable, tangible, irrefutable facts turn belief into confirmed knowledge.

Take for instance decades ago people heard of the conditions inside experimental labs, circuses, factory farms and slaughterhouses, but the truth could be denied without proof. Most said those claims of wrong doing were just exaggerated lies. So brave whistle-blowers and activists penetrated those "science" horror dens and other gulags of torture to capture evidence in photos and on videos. It always is difficult to discredit what the eye can see.

But I've noticed several instances lately where the industry, politicians and profiteers of animal use are attempting to silence the whistle-blowers. And individuals too are making accusations that these Animal Rights activists are also guilty of sending "threatening" emails and electronic data meant to be hostile and "violent".

For example there was the accusation made by Green Mountain College, regarding the scheduled killing of oxen duo Bill and Lou. The accusation was that slaughterhouses were "barraged" by "threats from the animal rights activists" - So much so that they were intimidated from doing the job... 


Another case is here on this MeatingPlace forum where industry blogger Emily Meredith's entry "Why can't we be friends?" writes: "Following the launch of my first blog post I received several emails that viciously attacked me personally. There’s no mistaking who these emails were from—they were from activists—and the authors of these emails were most certainly proud of their attempts to harass me. These emails were downright nasty..." 


And finally there's an incident that occurred just a few days ago wherein an individual claimed that questioning the actions of an individual who butchers lambs is unkind and "violent". In this individual's mind - Regardless of how harmful others might be... To speak out against those wrongs doesn't spread "love". 
At all costs - Don't be controversial.
So this individual claims that they were "viciously attacked" through their email box that included graphic images of aborted fetuses and slaughterhouse victims.


Now - My best advice to these individuals and anyone who has ever gotten such material is to document it! Publish it! Prove it!

Also - PLEASE RUN to the nearest law official and turn it over to the authorities! They have ways of tracing emails! And of course this would validate what you say is true. For your own safety and the peace of mind to your readers - You have an obligation to present factual proof that these allegations did indeed occur. Otherwise it leaves a broad streak of doubt that how can anything else you claim be accepted with confidence? I assure you - Those who would conduct themselves in such an ineffectual manner would be rejected by the AR community in no time flat!

Conversely in my years of knowing thousands of animal rights activists I've never met one who didn't approach the issues in the most intelligent, mature and upstanding ways. None who ever suggested violence. None who advocated or acted to inflict harm. In fact the opposite has taken place in my own experience. I've had my vehicle vandalized & bottles thrown at me in traffic because of my bumperstickers. I've been spit on at protests. I reported it.

I've been called "vegan *itch nazi", the "c" word and was told recently that I should be a "holocaust victim". I've received obnoxious comments on my blog and in email. I'd gladly post them if it served a purpose - Or if I took any of that nonsense seriously.

But most importantly - I'd certainly provide evidence to my audience if I fabricated a whole blog post around such accusations! What better way to vilify these folks than with evidence?

Finally it always troubles me to see so much negative chastisement surrounding those who advocate a vegan way of living. Contrary to the images that carnists wish to present of the blood-throwing, balaclava donning, bomb-making examples of animal rights advocates - Even "radical" ALF members have never harmed a single living being... Ever!

I believe these accusers are terribly misinformed about what an ethical vegan's motivations are. Most vegans consider themselves advocates of peace. And without justice there can be no peace! When innocent life is being exploited - Good people will always condemn that brutality. And when we do so - This is not violence. It is a shield and an outcry against it!

At the core we (animal right activists/vegans) all care about the wellbeing, safety and protection of sentient life. The same can't be said about the industries that breed life only to use and destroy it. Who really are the violent, hostile bullies? The evidence is any where you care to open your eyes to see it. Perhaps there is a time when we could tolerate  accept  forgive love those who inflict harm to others - (?) - For now my sympathies and energies are dedicated to the victims:

I have evidence that they suffer violently - At our will.

Vegan Peace


veganelder said...

Good stuff Bea. I agree totally...unless and until evidence is presented and verified...claims of yadda yadda yadda are simply claims. I know children who claim the tooth fairy visited them and left money under their pillow.

The stance of those advocating for and supporting the harming of living beings is a morally deficient position. I personally take a position of rather greater skepticism toward them simply because of what they stand for. To make what is maybe a poor analogy: A Nazi would have to go a ways to get me to sympathize much with them because of some bad thing that happened to them. They would have to provide some serious proof...more than they would if they weren't a Nazi.

But that's just me. :-)

My apologies to you for the abuse you have suffered and my thanks to you for standing up for all Earthlings.

Anonymous said...

I have no thoughts or feelings even a smidgeon different from veganelder's, so I will let his words speak for me, too, if that's okay.

Bea Elliott said...

Ah veganelder - So it's not only me that has a suspicious streak? What you say is totally true - When the source of claims comes from proven deceivers - They have an even greater responsibility to shore up their house-of-doubt cards... But liars always play with a stacked deck. Grrr. :(

I love how you describe them as coming from a "morally deficient position" - Wow! Now that's diplomacy. It's much more respect that what I think they deserve.

I totally get the Nazi analogy.

No sweat on those who try to bully me around - Ain't nothing compared to what the animals face... And I'm not going anywhere because of it! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Olivia - Ya know... Whenever I read something veganelder says I always just want to have a giant "ditto" stamp on hand too!

Come to think of it - Regarding our desire for the respectful treatment of others - Can't say I wouldn't and don't use that ditto stamp on your thoughts as well. Great minds like peas in a pod - Right? ;)