Mar 23, 2014

It's Spring - I'm Turning Over a New Leaf

I'm turning over a new leaf. Actually, a thousand-million of them (again)...

It's not the tropical image of Florida that sells vacation packages, but many of the palm trees here compete for that sunshine right next to immense and majestic live oaks. This time of year those trees turn a brilliant gold and shed every one of it's leaves... After that, the water oaks follow suit. And then comes what I call tree sperm, but technically they are "catkins". And they're everywhere! 

a mix of leaves, catkins, Spanish moss, and spent azalea petals

The many pounds of pollen-rich catkins cling to the shingles on your roof and to the bottoms of your shoes...  If you're lucky the March winds will blow some of them away. But most likely you'll have to rake, sweep, hose and bag to be shed of the bulk of them along with the leaves. This is not the casual orchid and hibiscus gardening hobby that I bargained for. It's a thankless job. But I love the shade these oaks provide... And I love the many birds, squirrels and lizards that call these trees home. So no matter how many leaves I'll have to continue to turn... The trees aren't going anywhere.

I suppose that's where I'm going with this post -

I started this blog about six years ago shortly after I re-examined my relationship with my fellow Earthlings. I wanted to share information and ideas. I wanted to document, record and report the atrocities I had been made aware of. I wanted to support and be part of an online community of fellow advocates. But most of all I wanted to have an outlet to express my feelings. My rage. My sorrow. My despair and my hopes...  And in those years (and posts) the leaves kept falling.

So many in fact that it's been impossible for me to gather them all. All those thoughts I wanted to give meaning to in the way of selectively chosen words got lost in the drifts of dead things called "drafts". If you're a blogger - I bet you've got a few dozen too... They are in a way, unraked leaves aren't they?
But if you're like me though, some of these thoughts, discoveries and sentiments aren't really "dead" at all - They're still alive enough in your head to prevent you from clicking the final "delete" button.

And so it is that I'm sorting through the good "leaves", the ugly ones, the ones that still make me cry or laugh... Or grimace.

Just like raking though, you wonder where to begin. For me, since my house is on a corner it presents a challenge of marking the start-spot. The front? The side? The other side? The back? I'm tired just deciding! But here's the solution I'm intending regarding the future of this blog as I continue sharing my un-killed thoughts... Rather than struggle with profound, exotic and/or complex posts that include endless links (that most wouldn't follow anyway) I'm opting for quantity rather than exceptional quality. I'll try for both, but mostly what I want to say will be brief and done. And as in the past the mix will be with/without comment... As I post more frequently, I certainly can't expect the few loyal readers I have to dedicate time to acknowledge/approve my daily views. 

I'm not trying to convince any vegan that their choice is valid. That point is made countless times by those with much more authority than I. But rather I'd just like to get back to my original intent:  To have an outlet to express my feelings. My rage. My sorrow. My despair and my hopes. As I do this with more frequency, I hope I'll tackle the pile of uncomposted leaves that's still in my mind. Perhaps too more of this tactic might reach a nonvegan, and that would be a good thing also.

To close - there are some ways that leaves are not like vegan advocacy: With fallen leaves, more is not usually better. And unlike raking, spreading a compassionate message is never a thankless job.

With all the hopes of a new beginning - Happy Spring!


veganelder said...

And happy spring to you too Ms. Bea! :-)

I like to think that every word and thought of compassion directed toward our Earthling relatives somehow helps heal and comfort them. And yours are of the most healing and comforting sort. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love the analogy Bea! So many drafts and ideas, but yeah, why leave them unraked? :)

I know from my own blog that some of the posts that have resonated the most with readers have been the least labour-intensive for me to put together. Seems that when I just write what I feel without analyzing it too much, it's both quicker and sometimes more effective.

So rake and write away my friend! :)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder - I exclaim and cheer a loud affirmative to that! Yes! Every utterance and shout that is directed towards compassion and justice is indispensable! Thanks for listening to and supporting my better-world ramblings. With persistence - I do think we can inspire change. Let's stay at the good work - Shall we? ;)

Bea Elliott said...

I appreciate all you do too HGV. It's evident in your writings that your life is hectic and full. Yet... You stay at it! I guess it is like raking still - Tenacity wins over adversity. Stay at it please. <3

patvolk said...

I have he most trouble with Christians who generally do not agree .However, morality demands that we do not cause any other being to suffer.??

Ingrid T said...

Bea, you write so beautifully! I will follow regardless and am glad to know you are still here, after all these years, unraked posts and all ... even when I disappear from the blog world for a while, I appreciate being grounded again with those I know.

I've actually toyed with this same idea. My posts have been long and loaded with time, and I'm also feeling a need to shake off the weight of deliberation -- to post more regularly rather than sporadically. You've given me inspiration, perhaps, to follow through. Thank you.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Patvolk - "morality demands that we do not cause any other being to suffer". Yes, I would think that's the key principle to a civilized world. As long as we continue to harm others we sadly fall short of our ethical duties. Thanks for your comment. ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi Ingrid... I never consider your fascinating posts too long. But I know what you mean about the time and energy they require. Yours require even more deliberation as you include those gorgeous photos and videos of living beings in action. Your words (short or long) always do the subject matter justice.

Thanks for hanging with me through my ramblings, and for your kind words.