Apr 8, 2014

Vegan Seeds are Plant Positive

The majority of my online advocacy is spent either on other blogs, forums, Pinterest or Youtube where animals are the topic. I admit I deliberately look for opposing views. When I find suitable opportunity, I gladly volunteer to speak on behalf of the victims. It's what I do.

Although I've been called everything you could imagine, every now and then there's a positive end... Not all confrontations are met with offensive cussing: 
Atrociously ugly video of bird "processing" plant

I guess this post is just to illustrate we never know who we're going to influence and in what way. It's also meant as a reminder that there are reasonable people who just need a bit more information to do what they know is right in the first place.

I hope everyone continues to sow seeds in their own unique way. And may our plantings thrive well beyond the last negative, life-stealing, "processing" plant. 

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veganelder said...

You enjoy something you are exquisitely excellent at doing.

Face it Bea. You're a teacher and a super-duper excellent one! I will tell Bea (the white bunny being) that her namesake is on the job and working hard. :-)

Advocacy is a mufti-faceted activity and you exemplify this wonderfully. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Keep spreading those seeds, Bea! :)

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful and interesting dialogue!

David Ashton said...

You go, Bea!

Bea Elliott said...

Hi veganelder - I can't think of a more noble calling than to teach. I'm deeply honored by your comment.

But then what would you say if I confessed that much of what I've learned has been from you? I've read how you've handled comments that have been delicate... It's obvious you're always thinking about the best way to help rather than the best way to "be right".

From one part of the facet to the other - Thanks so much for allowing others to shine brightly too! <3

Bea Elliott said...

Hey HGV - Can't say every seed takes... But gosh we gotta keep trying every way we know how! Thanks for your fruitful sowing, tilling and plowing as well! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Thanks D.E.M. One never knows which way it's going to go. Each conversation feels like the first one - But honestly I can't help thinking that it's a matter of timing. A lot of folks have heard the reasons from others and even sorted out much of it in their own minds... Every now and then things mesh. I'm glad they do as that's why I'm here and you too! Let's keep talking! ;)

Bea Elliott said...

Hi David! I say good on everyone! We all have our part in what makes for positive change. I'm blessed with such inspiring support and thoughtful allies as you! <3