Jun 2, 2014

Rejoice In Closing The Last Slaughterhouse!

This vastly improved headline comes from a story listed here.

Let the brutal act of killing the last pig, cow or chicken be relegated to the dust bins of a perverted, ugly history. You can help close all the slaughterhouses down by opting to be vegan

"In all the round world of utopia there is no meat. There used to be. But now we cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses. And in a population that is all educated and at about the same level of physical refinement, it is practically impossible to find anyone who will hew a dead ox or pig. We never settled the hygienic aspect of meat-eating at all. This other aspect decided us. I can still remember as a boy the rejoicings over the closing of the last slaughterhouse."  ~H.G. Wells

The last slaughterhouse/battle field has closed. Now we can all have peace.