Aug 11, 2008

Flesh Sciences & Sexist Cow Murder

How sad for animals, that there is this 4th generation cow operation in "Freedom", Oklahoma. The trope recalls railroads, great-grandfathers, and "proud tradition". For a hundred years, they have been breeding "multi-trait" cows. They mess with (and control) genetic lines. They make male cow widgets into "Franken-Bulls"...... I can hear a chuckle in the back ground.... However, these "studs" with all their manipulated and modified maleness, cannot even mount thier ladies. I know there will be further laughter (or disbelief) because these bulls are either ejaculated by human hand or by electrical/mechanical means. Hummmmm. The sperm is then matched to a suitable heifer or "dame". She too is a product of "lineage" and is the paragon of modern science and animal agriculture. She is judged by her structural soundness, calving ease, fleshing ability, performance, fertility and disposition. She has been closely scrutinized and monitored through a series of injected hormones and other drugs. Then she is placed on what the industry thugs call the "rape rack" to receive the sperm. This procedure, of course is only done by human hand. After impregnation she will continue to be confined and subject to more tests and evaluations. Gestation for cows is 9 months..... She will birth calves or daughters. They will never nurse their young - Thier offspring are immediately seperated and delegated to their own fated series of being pawed, poked and punctured. Judgements, charts and dollars come to play. If the "bottom-line" adds up they are "keepers". If not..... they face the final violation at the slaughterhouse.
Complete cow families that don’t "qualify" are often "culled" together.
Many pregnant female cows that arrives at the slaughterhouse give birth while waiting "their turn"..... Sometimes they are butchered while in eustris.
This is but one small facet of the harm and abuse inflicted on animals courtesy of the meat industry, funded by government and accepted by culture. This reproduction and killing cycle is NOT necessary. Man lives fine on a plant based diet.
We have all as a culture been duped. This cannot be called "humane". But it is called that. They have done a fine job of hidding and disguising these abominations to animals from thier inception to their disassembly. These are horrible acts. They should not be condoned. The bully needs to be told - we can live well without the killing.
The Animal Auschwitz meat business depends on the status quo...... and on silence.
Make a better world - for yourself and the animals...
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