Sep 30, 2008

Meat-a-Hari and Trolling Vegans

I like to keep a watchful eye on the meat industries and "animal agriculture"... In fact I'm on the list for daily/weekly updates concerning the "bottomline", with reports from Feedstuff, Porknet, Cattlenetwork and my favorite: The American Meat Institute. I do confess here too, that I troll their forums as well. I keep watch not only to be aware of their mischief and evil doings but also for amusement. From time to time I find "gems" - and will share them as I can. For now, I'd like to tell you a bit about trolling the AMI forum. Their community is made largely by those working in the "animal-farming" industry or the "animal-food-processing" industry. Discussions range from how corn prices are influenced by ethanol to Burger Kill announcing a new ad campaign. There's the expected discussions about foreign markets and trade, about legislation, about animal identification systems, about e-coli recalls and about "Animal Rights" activists. So, here I am... the "meat-a-hari" - who 8 months ago snooped within their inner circle - to hear of their woes when HSUS exposed the pitiful downed cows at Chino. Anyway, I followed the conversation that their sales were off... that cattle prices were down... that this circumstance caused them to loose credibility (again). I'd add my say as a feedlot owner - that the downed cows were the buzz in my whole community and that even my secretary was going veggie as a result. You'd be surprised to know the agreement some gave when I mentioned that we in the biz might be better off growing beans. And of course there's the hostility at such talk as well - Meatman gets angry at any mention of a vegetable and so does BeefGuy. But what I didn't expect was other vegans on this forum. As time progressed I came out of the closet, so to speak, to reinforce their position and mine. "Meat" is not essential for man to thrive, killing animals is wrong and that the whole lot of farmers and "processors" were murdering speciesist. There are about 4 animal sympathizers on the forum but VeganTroll could almost handle the bunch on his own. I imagine he's mid-twenty something and argues his points brilliantly. He never goes off topic and his logic has lead many on the forum to curse his vegan presence. Me, I love having him around - if you're listening... thanks VeganTroll! One might ask - what is the point? That they in the meat/animal killing/butchering industry will never see an Animal Right's activists point of view and perhaps that's true. But what it does do is allow one to hone their debating skills. It also is beneficial to know their agenda. Believe it - they have spies within vegan circles as well for the same reason. I don't know who said it but it certainly applies here: Keep your friends close - but your enemies closer.

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