Oct 15, 2008

Youtube and Arbitrary Censorship

Within a month of discovering the truth about how I had been living a lifetime of contradictions concerning animals I was moved to make a video showing the hypocrisy that I had been made aware of. A video that had over 50 comments and was viewed over 7500 times... After 9 months being hosted at Youtube - I was sited for this video as it "violated the terms and use of Youtube"... This video was flagged because the contents were "too graphic". I still am rather confused why my video was removed - there are certainly other video with much more horrific images than mine... I've come to realize since that it wasn't the images but rather that I pointedly exposed the contradictions in the way we treat "pet animals" as opposed to "food animals". I was also amazed that these images were considered "too graphic" as the scenes were obtained from USDA approved slaughterhouses... You know, where they do "humane" killing of (some) animals for "food". In any case, there are dozens of alternative video hosting sites that I was able to upload my video to:

Vegan - Moral Hypocrasy - Pet vs Farmed Food Animal from I'mvegan2 on Vimeo.

So if any meat eaters find this too much to handle remember... all scenes originated at USDA facilities - you might want to question your approval of these practices in your own ethics. “Remember what is unbecoming to do is also unbecoming to speak of” Socrates

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