Nov 1, 2008


This is what I wrote in response to the only commenter who sympathized with the animals who were murdered in a vintage video: She said she was glad the people who did this act were dead.
To Colleen Quinn - I echo those sentiments - unfortunately in the meat/animal murdering business there always seem to be a new bunch of thugs to bully around defenseless animals just to eat them. It's a gross, disgusting habit really... the tendons, blood vessels, tumors, cancers, lesions, veins, scar tissue, infections... the urine and feces -the fear - the pain... the death. Meat so sucks. Go Vegan -
I think - watching these videos what kind of poverty forces men to do such jobs. Then and now. I suppose it's the kind of poverty that even today's meat industry takes advantage of... the hiring of children and minorities - The jobs left for those who will do anything to earn a living. The illegal immigrants, the homeless, the uneducated and destitute. The meat industry not only exploits the animals but the employees who are paid to brutalize and eveserate the animals as well.
Every time someone purchases a burger, a dead chicken part or piece of pig they are supporting this unnecesary, vulgar industry.
Better to be kind - to humans and non-humans... Better to be Vegan.

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