Nov 19, 2008

40% of Packaged Meat is Tainted with Gut Bug C.difficile

Tainted meats point to superbug C. diff in food - Health care- "A potentially deadly intestinal germ increasingly found in hospitals is also showing up in a more unsavory setting: grocery store meats. More than 40 percent of packaged meats sampled from three Arizona chain stores tested positive for Clostridium difficile, a gut bug known as C. diff., according to newly complete analysis of 2006 data collected by a University of Arizona scientist. Nearly 30 percent of the contaminated samples of ground beef, pork and turkey and ready-to-eat meats like summer sausage were identical or closely related to a super-toxic strain of C. diff blamed for growing rates of illness and death in the U.S. — raising the possibility that the bacterial infections may be transmitted through food. Contamination ranged from 41 percent of pork products and 44 percent of turkey products to 50 percent of ground beef samples and more than 62 percent of samples of braunschweiger, a type of liverwurst. Nearly three-quarters of the C. diff spores were toxinotype V, a type linked to illness in pigs and calves and, increasingly, in humans. C. diff is a tricky bug, hard to kill with anything but bleach in the hospital and able to survive most cooking techniques in the kitchen."
Nature's little reminder: Go Vegan!


Anonymous said...

It's revealing that you left out the following:
"Bug might be in water, soil — even vegetables

But Gerding also noted that C. diff has been found in many places other than hospitals and meat counters, including water sources and soil.

“We actually wouldn’t know if a carrot in the dirt would have it just as much as hamburger,” Gerding said."

Vegans just can't stand telling the whole truth...

Bea Elliott said...

The whole article is there for anyone to read - I do have space/time considerations... And yes, do I have an "agenda"? Certainly. However no different than the endless propaganda the meat industry delivers to consumers via tax dollars.

Unlike the meat industry however, I let your comments remain... everytime I've voiced criticism on a "meat or animial agriculture" site - it's never posted. Of course - if I had as much too be concerned about hiding... I wouldn't print the comment either. Good day.