Nov 2, 2008

Florida's Ban on Caged Pigs Finally Takes Effect

In 2002 I voted on the initiative to ban gestation crates for pigs. I was not a vegan then... In fact, I didn't even fully understand what the bill was about - I also had never heard of a "factory farm" till many years later. Just goes to show - in my mind, even then - the very idea of keeping animals in cages was repugnant.
So 6 years hence, Florida's pregnant pigs won't be forced to live in cages any longer. As a result the 2 existing pig farms have decided to pack their bags and leave the state, rather than comply to the "new" regulations. HOORAY! Don't let the door hit you in the ass! GO - LEAVE - Scram!!! The state will be much better off without your prisons - There will be less trucking of the little porcines to the slaughterhouses... there will be less water waste "processing" your pig "food" products. There will be less impact on our deteriorating water ways. There will be less second-hand violence encouraged by how your employees treat animals they are "caring for".
On behalf of all of Florida - Good Riddance. And thank you Animal Rights of Florida Foundation for fighting so hard 6 years ago making this campaign successful!
In a predictable fashion the piggy people aren't happy about it... Well tough uncaged sow titties to you!
Needless to say - the best way to avoid all this unnecessary cruelty to animals is to go vegan!

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