Nov 25, 2008

"Driving behind the trucks transporting broiler chickens from farm to slaughterhouse provides potential human exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria from intensively raised poultry, according to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers. They found increased levels of pathogenic bacteria, both susceptible and drug-resistant, on surfaces and in the air
inside cars traveling behind trucks that carry broiler chickens.
This study was reportedly the first to look at exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria from the transportation of poultry. The findings are published in the first issue of the Journal of Infection and Public Health. Broiler chickens are typically transported in open crates on flatbed trucks with no effective barrier to prevent release of pathogens into the environment. Such crates do become contaminated with feces and bacteria".
So... even if I'm vegan I can't protect myself from the hazards of the meat industry? If such is the case, maybe outlawing the whole concept of "animal agriculture" might be in order.
And there's also this study on MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus ) A study investigated the prevalence of MRS in 120 retail meats from 30 grocery stores in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. S. aureus was recovered from 45.6% of pork and 20% of beef, whereas MRSA was isolated from six meats (5 pork and 1 beef). This is a health threat to farm workers, meat handlers ... and of course to meat eaters...
To be on the safe (and compassionate) side - try veg!

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