Nov 5, 2008

Drugged Factory Farm Animals - MEAT INDUSTRY SECRETS

Is it any wonder that 60% of baby calves are affected with the nasty disease called "scours". It is the single largest killer of calves... Scours can be avoided by eliminating the unhealthy conditions of filth and overcrowding. And by allowing calves to drink sufficent amount of their mother's "colostrum" fortified milk at birth. But what does the industry do to avoid these common mortalities to baby calves? Do they allow the mother access to clean, uncrowded pasture? Do they allow babies to have the required and necessary "share" of mother's milk? Heck no... they reduce the fatalities with the use of yet more drugs. Did you know that 70% of paramacuticals manufactured in the U.S. are administered to farm animals? And here's a LIST. So much for the "wholesomeness" of meat and dairy products.

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