Nov 4, 2008

VEGANS - Have Your Say at the USDA 2010 FOOD PYRAMID

The USDA CENTER FOR NUTRITION POLICY AND PROMOTION is in the process of gathering information and opinions from individuals and those in the health care profession in efforts to revise and improve the 2010 DIETARY GUIDELINE PYRAMID. Comments are open to the public. PCRM, The McDougall Program, and The American Vegan Society have left their recommendations along side the many efforts of the National Dairy Council and National Fisheries Institute. You do not have to log in to post a comment - spell check is provided... Vegans continue to grumble and moan that the food policies in the U.S. don't reflect sound judgement or promote healthy eating habits. Parents wish they had more input on what is served in school lunches. Well here's our chance to have our say. Who would not like to see this as the new USDA food pyramid in 2010? More about the Vegan Food Pyramid

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