Nov 28, 2008

Life is So Cheap When You Eat Meat... Vegans Do Not Play With Their Food

Video: Turkey Bowl In Cincinnati An Annual Tradition - Strange & Interesting News: The Post Chronicle - And Cincinnati folks aren't the only ones partaking in this event... Seems pretty ordinary if you search Google or Youtube. The frozen carcasses are propelled for fun and pleasure at bowling pins, coke bottles etc... What a game huh? The "meat" is then discarded as it then becomes unsuitable for consumption... So let me get this right... As a "humane" culture, society professes to use/kill animals only because it's "necessary" - Animals and meat sustain us right? But instead of being reverent to the "sacrificed" (murdered) animals what's left of their once tortured bodies gets further defiled in death for "entertainment". Hey world... and omnivore people I share the planet with... the absolute irreverence for life - FOR SHAME! And if your stuck in your kitchen now - disposing of a half-eaten bird because yet another time you bought way too much, please consider this: it took 12 pounds of grain to create each pound of turkey that you are no doubt now dumping in the trash. And a sentient being spent 6 months of torture to make it's way to your "festive" table - FOR SHAME! If each of us had to live only one hour of these poor miserable birds - I'm sure we would all be vegan...

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