Dec 26, 2008


USDA spokeswoman Amanda Eamich said Mexico had raised concerns about the general condition of meat products, including "possible pathogen findings." Mexico halts meat imports Or some other reasons perhaps? Maybe the smart citizens in Mexico have come to conclusions that it is not necessary to eat meat... that killing billions of animals is "needless".... that man can and does thrive on a plant based diet... that livestock and animal agriculture greatly compromise the environment... that reducing/eliminating meat consumption, would help end world hunger... and use all resources more efficiently... not to mention avoiding those nasty pathogens... Hooray! To all you good people in Mexico who have made the compassionate and healthy choice to go Vegan.


Warwak said...

HaHa, they will go to Mexico, but first they must pay $$$. Just watch in a few months, they will open a plant in Mexico. I remember South Korea didn't want our garbage either, but they eventually came around. Still, it is pretty sad when our crap (literally) is so nasty other countries won't touch it.

Bea Elliott said...

You're right - all "meat" is nasty. S Korea had BSE fears - The meat industry claims that Mexico is really protesting American "COOL" regulations. Meant to inform US consumers which country their "animal parts" come from.

Either way, it is all crap - I agree.