Jan 18, 2009


In desperation to lure understandably dis-interested kids to the cruel, dirty, unnecessary world of "animal agriculture" - the United States Department of Agriculture is offering low interest loans to kids so they can have an entry in their 4H program. They're also saying that this "bribe" - will get: "young people to begin to build a credit history and learn financial management".
I wanna know where the loan money is for kids who want to learn how to live sustainably? Humanely? Environmentally responsible? Healthy? Where's the money for kids to grow beans, tomatoes, cabbage, collards, asparagus, beets, peaches, apples, avocados, pears, melons, almonds, soy, broccoli, corn, etc., etc., WHERE - HUH????
They're also making "boarding arrangements" for kids who don't live in rural areas - "Free hotel space" for the soon to be fattened/sold/slaughtered "food" animal.
Your attempt to indoctrinate these kids is deplorable!
“In 4-H young people learn life skills that include generosity, independence, mastery and belonging,”
But not "generosity" to allow an animal to live it's life. Not "independence" to be a free thinker. To learn "mastery" over a creature who has no defenses against you? And "belonging"... Do we really recommend a kid "belong" to a barbaric tradition that holds life so worthless? That views a sentient animal merely as a "commodity"? Do we really want to encourage "belonging" to an institution that exploits helpless victims?
I don't approve one bit! I want my portion of my vegan TAX dollars back! http://www.paysonroundup.com/news/2009/jan/16/4h_animal_deadline_nears/


Warwak said...

Great post! Yes, I want my vegan tax dollars back too. We have been paying for their ways far too long.

I hate 4H!

“The moon cries in loneliness as today’s child chooses to stay inside glued to an electronic box, compartmentalized inside a temperature controlled facade, instead of going out in to the world, exploring caves, swimming with turtles, discovering nature’s beauty and perfection, caring a broken wing, feeding fish, finding real friends, friends who help the child as much or more than the other”

Site Closed said...

YOUR CALF: A kid's guide to torturing and murdering beef and dairy calves...?

And why exactly do kids need money loans anyway?


Unknown said...

I had NO idea this was going on! Thanks for all the hard work you put in your blog, Bea!

Bea Elliott said...

Serenity - I'm discovering all this stuff along the way too! Most of the "discoveries" get more frightening than the one before! (yikes!) -

Hi Dave! I can only imagine what money we'd recoup... It's a lotta beans I'm sure :)

Hi Klem - Thanks for dropping by :)
They give the kids money to "entice" them into animal agriculture... The more removed we get from urban areas (and the more we discover that meat is kinda nasty) - the industry and animal culture looses it's influence.

I've read so many stories of kids that had to give up their calves, cows, goats, pigs, & chickens once the "show" was over... Very, very sad what they are asking these kids to do :(

And here's the lesson they learn: animals are commodities - and money pays back "loans"... So the vicious cycle continues: We "need" animals to live... never questioning a better veggie way.

From Florida to the UK - big hugs to you :)