Apr 1, 2009

Don't be Fooled! All Meat = Harm * Deer, Dog or Cow * Go Vegan

Yeah... I agree! All you hunters out there stalking little Bambie and Thumper! Bad, bad people! Using your big guns on these innocent cute critters! That's just awful! And such actions deserve public admonishment!
Don't be an April fool. Make the connection. All animals wish to live - the pretty deer, the lovely cow, the cute pig and precious pup! It is not necessary to harm any of them - Go Vegan


Ana said...

I don't understand the desire to hunt. It's basically sport when you come right down to it. No one really needs to hunt for meat anymore, at least not in developed countries. There's no practical purpose to it other than to kill something. There's a certain blood lust in the killing. Otherwise, all you'd do is track the animal, find it, give yourself a pat on the back and move on.

I will say though that I have more respect for hunters who kill their own animals and prepare them for food. At least, they are (hopefully) staring that animal in the eye and taking responsibility for its life. It's better than what most people do, which is go to the store and pick up whatever is on the shelf. They don't realize that they are eating A LAMB, not just "lamb." (Classic line from the Simpsons when Lisa turns vegetarian.)

Bea Elliott said...

Ana - I'm with you on the hunting. Unless it's subsistence it's just for the "thrill". Many will say they hunt to be in nature, yet if you suggest a camera instead of a gun - well... the truth unfolds. Also, if you ask these hunters do they ever just go into the woods to hike and observe... none ever do. They fool no one with their rationalizations.

And I know what you mean about the neat, cellophane wrapped stuff at the grocery store... That's such a well crafted total disconnect from the reality of it all...