Mar 30, 2009

Extreme Animal Rights, Radical Truth, Go Vegan

I've heard it hundreds of times: being vegan, vegetarian... or an Animal Rights activist is "extreme" and "radical"... But cramming billions of (artificially inseminated, genetically modified, cloned) animals in warehoused cages, feeding them things they would never eat in their natural environment (like other animals), pumping them full of drugs and antibiotics, storing their manure and vomit in "lagoons"... compromising and destroying vast eco-systems, wastefully using huge amounts of precious water.... Then - trucking these juvenile, innocent and sentient beings, untold miles to be brutally butchered (many while still conscious) in order to process their flesh, for an unhealthy "food", that has to be radiated and still requires extra care in preparation just to be "safe" to eat. - That's not "extreme??? I think the extreme truth is the extreme denial that condones this extreme abuse inflicted to a select and limited group of harmless, helpless, desperate and exploited animals. Choose compassion - Go Vegan.


Goatgirl said...


Unknown said...

thanks for being brave enough to care about the Truth.

Bea Elliott said...

Thank you both - What's odd though, is that in the "real" world, conversations that touch on this subject are met with such contention. Thereby making "truth" possible only via the internet. Strange inside/out world huh?

NinaV said...

The trouble is... that people have been fundamentally brainwashed to their core which has caused them to disconnect from their true inner nature. And it's very uncomfortable and shocking to acknowlege the truth and make the connection again. It turns their world upside down. I am confounded on the exact approach that is necessary to have a successful conversation. It seems to differ from individual to individual. Keep doing what you are doing.

Bea Elliott said...

Hi NinaV - Sorry for the delayed response. Just wanted you to know I agree with what you say about "brainwashing". As I understand it means to be fixated with an idea or belief system without question. Certainly regarding eating "habits" it was that way with me and is that way with billions of others.

You're right too that challenging these ideas is difficult... There is great comfort in not knowing the truth. The way I try to approach the subject is to assume that all people basically want to do the right thing. Most people "think" they are when it comes to their treatment of animals... By gently reminding them that there is no difference (that really matters) between cats and dogs and chickens and pigs... Many see the perspective of being "consistent" in their values.

I'm not saying it's that easy to introduce change to people - But just talking about it is an honest first step... Providing helpful literature, links on the web and good vegan food helps too!

I think the most important thing is to live your own truth - That is always inspiration to others! Keep doing what you're doing too! I sincerely believe we're making a dent! :)